Lehman Brothers Silverware
New York, NY  1927-c. 1973
Leonard Mfg. Co.
Chicago, IL  c. 1892-1899
Lady Doris Silver Plate
A trade name of International Silver.  See flatware patterns.
Lamson & Goodnow / Lamson, Goodnow & Co. /
Lamson & Goodnow Mfg. Co. / LongCap Lamson Products, LLC
Founded by Lamson and Abel Goodman.  Organized as the
Lamson Goodnow Mfg. Co. c. 1860; renamed LongCap Lamson
Products, LLC in 2016.  Primarily a cutlery company.  
Luxor Plate
A trade name of Wallace Silversmiths.
flatware patterns.
Lyons Silver Co.
A trademark of the Manhattan Silver Plate Co., used 1889-1905.
Lesco Silver Co.
A trademark of the Levine Silversmith Co.
of New York, NY, in business c. 1927-1931.
flatware patterns.
Liquid Carbonic Corp.
Terre Haute, IN  1888-Present   The Liquid Carbonic Corp. is a manufacturer
of industrial gasses, and was the principal supplier of carbon dioxide-making
equipment to make soda water for soda fountains and ice cream parlors.  They
became a chief supplier for all things related to soda fountains, including flatware.  
Flatware with the Liquid name was made by a variety of manufacturers and was discontinued when the soda
fountain division was closed in 1926.  See
flatware patterns.
Lashar Silver
A trade name of Holmes & Edwards (later International)
for a line of white metal goods.  See
flatware patterns.
Lady Betty Silver Plate
A trade name of International Silver.  See flatware patterns.
Lakeside Brand
Flatware made by various manufacturers for sale by Montgomery Ward & Co.  
flatware patterns.
1919 Landers Frary & Clark/Universal Silverplate Ad
Landers, Frary & Clark
New Britain, CT  1862-1965  
Began in 1842 as the firm of Dewey & Landers with Josiah Dewey
and George Landers as partners making cupboard latches and
furniture casters.  The firm dissolved in 1847 and Landers formed the Landers & Smith Mfg. Co.  Frary,
Clark & Co of Meriden, CT was acquired in 1862 and the name was changed to Landers, Frary & Clark;
a flatware line was added at that time.  The company was well known for their household appliances under
the trade name Universal.  They became best known as a cutlery manufacturer, making sterling and
silverplated flatware, mother of pearl handled flatware, and silverplated holloware.  Flatware production
was discontinued around 1950.  See
flatware patterns.
L.B. Silverware Co.
St. Louis, MO  1893-1912  A mark of the St. Louis Silver Co.
Leonard Silver Manufacturing Co.
Boston, MA  1969-Present
Founded by Leonard Florence who later went on to
take over the Towle Mfg. Co. and found the Syratech
Corp. Leonard Silver became a subsidiary of Towle in
Lenox Silver Plate
A trade name of Wallace Silversmiths.  See flatware patterns.
Lunt Silversmiths
Listed under Silversmiths.  See silverplate flatware patterns.
Lancaster Silver Plate
A trade name of International Silver.  
flatware patterns.
Lippiatt Silver Plate and Engraving Co.
New York, NY  1870-1872
L.A. Littlefield Silver Co.
New Bedford, MA  1905-1909  
Organized by L. Arthur Littlefield in 1905.  Became a part of the
Rockford Silver Plate Co.
Lady Jane Silver Plate
Flatware with this backstamp was made by International
Silver for the Kresge Co. (which became the Kmart Corp.)
flatware patterns.
L. Arthur Littlefield
New Bedford, MA  1888-1905  
Ledig Mfg. Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1892-1896
Leonard, Reed & Barton
Taunton, MA  1837-1847
Succeeded by Reed & Barton.
A. Ledig & Son
Philadelphia, PA  1874-1890  Succeeded by Ledig & Way.
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Lippiatt, Maltby & Morse
New York, NY  1869-1870
Silverplate Marks
L'Allemand Mfg. Co.
New York, NY  1893-1895
Successors to Stix & L'Allemand.
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Lady Marion Silver Plate
A trade name of the National Silver Co.