Osborn & Co.
Lancaster, PA  1891-1897
Our Very Best
A trademark of Hibbard,
Spencer, Bartlett & Co.
flatware patterns.
Oxford Silver Plate Co.
A trademark of Wm. A. Rogers Ltd.  
Acquired by Oneida in 1929.  
flatware patterns.
Oneida Ltd. / Oneida Silversmiths
Listed under Silversmiths.  See flatware patterns.
Ontario Silver Co., Ltd.
Thorold, ON 1883-1890; Humberstone, ON 1890-1899;
Niagara Falls, NY 1899-1905  Was acquired by
Wm. Rogers Mfg. Co., a part of International Silver,
in 1905.  See
flatware patterns.
Old Company Plate
A trademark of International Silver.  See flatware patterns.
Onondaga Silver Mfg. Co.
Syracuse, NY  1901-1904  Founded by Percy A. Coon
and H.M. Gale.  Coon bought out Gale in 1904 and
started the P.A. Coon Mfg. Co.
Ontario Mfg. Co.
Muncie, IN  1897-1956  Acquired by the National Silver Co. in 1956.
Oxford Silversmiths Co.
New York, NY  c. 1918- c. 1950
Coming Soon
Harvey Osborn Silver Co.
Newark, NJ  1897-1919
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