Wallingford Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
flatware patterns.
Warren Silver Plate Co.
A trademark of Wm. A. Rogers Ltd., first used in 1901.
E.G. Webster & Son
Brooklyn, NY  1886-1961  Successor to
E.G. Webster & Bro.  Acquired by International
in 1928.  Succeeded by Webster-Wilcox in 1961.
flatware patterns.
Waldo HE
A trademark of the Holmes & Edwards Silver Co.
Weidlich Bros. Mfg. Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
R. Wallace & Sons. Mfg. Co. / Wallace Silversmiths
Listed under Silversmiths.  See flatware patterns.
Wallace Brothers
Wallingford, CT  1875-1986
Formed in 1875, Wallace Brothers became
part of R. Wallace & Sons Mfg. Co. in 1879.  
Goods continued to be produced under the
Wallace Brothers name until 1986.
A trademark of Wallace Silversmiths.
flatware patterns.
E.M. Weinberg & Co.
New York, NY  1906-c. 1915
flatware patterns.
Warner Silver Mfg. Co.
Chicago, IL  1894-1904 and Dixon, IL 1904
Factory moved to Dixon, IL, in 1904 and the company
went backrupt later that year.
Meriden, CT  1961-Present  Webster-Wilcox was formed in 1961 when
the Wilcox Silver Plate Co., E.G. Webster & Son, and several other
divisions of International Silver were consolidated.  Webster-Wilcox was
acquired by Oneida in 1981.
Webster Mfg. Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1859-1873  Was succeeded by
E.G. Webster & Bro. (1873-1886) which in turn
was succeeded by E.G. Webster & Son.
E.G. Webster & Bro.
Brooklyn, NY  1873-1886  
Successor to the Webster Mfg. Co. and succeeded by E.G. Webster & Son.
Watrous Mfg. Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
Waldo to Weinberg
Waldo to Weinberg
Waldorf Silver Co.
A trademark of the Woodman-Cook Co.
Wards Silver Plate / Montgomery Ward & Co.
Chicago, IL  1872-2000
Department store.  Various manufacturers made
silver patterns which were specifically for sale through
the Montgomery Ward department store chain.
flatware patterns.
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Webster Mfg. Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1868-1873
Succeeded by E.G. Webster & Bro.
W.B. 1900
A trademark of Wallace Bros.
flatware patterns.
Silverplate Marks