Alvin Mfg. Co. / Alvin-Bederhase Co. / Alvin Silver Co. /
Alvin Corporation
Irvington, NJ 1886-1895; Sag Harbor, NY 1895-1928;
and Providence, RI  1886-c. 1970  
Began as Alvin Mfg. Co. in 1886 and founded by
William H. Jamouneau.  With the addition of partners in
1893, including George B. Beiderhase, the name was changed
to Alvin-Beiderhase Co, reverting back to the Alvin Mfg. Co.
name in 1895.  The company was acquired by Joseph Fahys &
Co. in 1897, and the name was changed to the Alvin Silver Co.
in 1919.  When it was acquired by Gorham in 1928, the company
underwent its last name change to Alvin Corporation.  Gorham ceased production under the Alvin name
c. 1970.  Makers of a full line of sterling flatware, holloware, and novelties.  See
flatware patterns.
American Metal Crafts
Attleboro, MA  1910s-1940s  
Makers of sterling tea infusers, military insignia, and children's flatware under
the brand name Amcraft.
American Cutlery Co.
Chicago, IL  c. 1879-1928  
Primarily a maker of steel knives, they did produce a large array of
mother of pearl and sterling handled knives.  Succeeded by the American
Stainless Cutlery Co.
American Souvenir Co.
Began in Boston, MA, c. 1895 producing a variety of souvenirs (postcards,
figurines, etc.) for the American market.  Beginning in 1899, an office was
opened in Buffalo, NY, and several souvenir spoons were designed by the
company primarily for the 1901 Buffalo, NY, Pan American Exposition; these
spoons were manufactured by the Joseph Seymour Mfg. Co.  When the
Buffalo office closed in 1902, no more spoons were produced.
Valerio Albarello, Inc.
Meriden, CT  1965-Present  
Makers of sterling holloware and trophies.  They also make specialty items for
Reed & Barton, Tiffany and others.  
Rudolph Albert
Maysville, KY  1876-1880
The T.V. Allen Co.
Los Angeles, CA  c. 1922-c. 1943  
Makers of sterling medals and trophies.
Akerly & Briggs
New York, NY  1845-1851  
Richard C. Akerly and William D. Briggs.
John Brent Akin
Danville, KY  1855-1860  
Primarily retailed the goods of Peter L. Krider; spoons bearing Akin's
mark alone may have been made by him.
Samuel Alexander
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1797-1808 and Richmond, VA c. 1808-1818
In the partnerships of Wiltberger & Alexander with
John C. Wiltberger in 1797 and Simmons & Alexander 1801-1804.
Isaac Alexander
New York, NY  c. 1844-1853; Wilmington, NC 1855-1860; and
Washington, DC c. 1863-1896
Alexander & Riker
New York, NY  1797-1800  
George Alexander and Peter Riker.
Samuel Parks Alexander
Charlotte, NC  1837-1843  
In the partnership of Trotter & Alexander with Thomas Trotter 1837-1838.
Allcock, Allen & Co.
New York, NY  c. 1851-1855  
Successor to Allcock & Allen.  Primarily retailers.
Allen, Rhodes & Co.
Cincinnati, OH  1834-1837
Successor to Allen & Rhodes, the partners consisted of Caleb Allen,
Thomas F. Rhodes, and John G. Anthony.
Allen & Rhodes
Cincinnati, OH  1833-1834  
Caleb Allen and Thomas F. Rhodes.
C. Allen & Co.
Cincinnati, OH  1837-1840  
Brothers Caleb Allen and William H. Allen.  In 1846 the brothers formed another
partnership, C. & W.H. Allen, which lasted until Caleb's death in 1873.
Leander Amadon
Bellows Falls, VT  1846-1878
Akerly to American
Charles Aldis
New York, NY  c. 1814
Allcock & Allen
New York, NY  c. 1848-1851
Akerly to American
1837 C. Allen & Co Advertisement
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