James Avery, Craftsman, Inc.
Kerrville, TX  1954-Present  
Primarily a jewelry maker with a focus on Christian jewelry, they also make some
small sterling items.  
Harvey Avedon
New York, NY  c. 1940-c. 1965  
Maker of sterling and gold men's accessories and jewelry.
Attleboro Chain Company
Attleboro, MA  1909-1915
Maker of sterling vanity items and jewelry.
Charles Asmann (Asman)
Cincinnati, OH c. 1854 and Covington, KY 1863-1906  
Primarily a jeweler and retailer.
Thomas Merrill Austin
Erie, PA  1840-c. 1890
Silversmith and jeweler.
Ebenezer Austin
Charleston, MA Before 1761 and Hartford, CT 1761-1787
Nathaniel Austin  (b. 1734  d. 1818)
Charlestown, MA c. 1760-1776 and Boston, MA 1776-1816
Elijah J. Austin
Vergennes, VT  1825-1843
John Avery, Sr.  (b. 1732  d. 1794)
Preston, CT  1765-1794
Silversmith and clockmaker.
John Avery, Jr.  (b. 1755  d. 1815)
Preston, CT  c. 1776-1815
Socrates Ayers
Elmira, NY 1835-1837; Penn Yan, NY 1837-1844;
and Elmira, NY 1844-c. 1877  
Was in partnership with Amasa M. Badger in the firm of
Ayers & Badger 1835-1836.  Silversmith and jeweler.
Samuel Ayres
Lexington, KY 1787-1823 and Danville, KY 1823-1824
Silversmith and jeweler.  In the partnerships of Ayres & Haydon
1811-1813, Ayres & Hiter with John G. Hiter c. 1813, and Ayres &
Jameson with John D. Jameson 1817-1818.
Ayres & Haydon
Lexington, KY  1811-1813  
Samuel Ayres and Noah Haydon.
Samuel Avery
Preston, CT  c. 1779  
Son of John Avery, Sr.
1908 Attleboro Chain Co. Ad
Artcraft to Ayres
Marshall Attmore
Philadelphia, PA  1821-1837
Artcraft Silversmith Co., Inc.
New York and Mount Vernon, NY   1927-Present  
Manufacturers of sterling holloware.
Art Silver Shop / Art Metal Studios
Chicago, IL  1918-1934
Edmund Boker and Ernest Gould founded the Chicago Art Silver Shop
in 1912, changing the name to Art Silver Shop in 1918.  The focus of the
shop changed to primarily jewelry in 1934 and the name was changed
again at that time to Art Metal Studios.  Makers of handwrought sterling
Arts & Crafts holloware and jewelry.
Asheville Silvercraft  See William Waldo Dodge, Jr.
Artcraft to Ayres
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Thomas Robinson Jamison Ayres
Danville, KY 1823-1857 and 1861-1864 and Keokuk, IA 1864-1878.
Son of Samuel Ayers.  Founded the jewelry business of T.R.J. Ayres &
Sons c. 1871-1878.