Zachariah Brigden
Boston, MA  c. 1755-1787  
J.E. Brinsmaid & Bros. / Brinsmaid & Bros.
Burlington, VT  1843-1850  
A partnership between James Edgar Brinsmaid, Sedgwick Swift
Brinsmaid Sr., and William Bliss Brinsmaid originally named
J.E. Brinsmaid & Bros. but was quickly shortened to Brinsmaid & Bros.  
Succeeded by Brinsmaid, & Brother & Co.
Brinsmaid & Hildreth
Burlington, VT  1854-1889  
A partnership between William Bliss Brinsmaid and Chester Hildreth.
James Edgar Brinsmaid
Burlington, VT  1832-1887  
A partner in various businesses:
Pangborn & Brinsmaid  1833-1843
Brinsmaid & Bros.  1843-1850
Brinsmaid, Brother & Co.  1850-1854 with William Bliss Brinsmaid and Chester Hildreth.
Edward H. Breese
Chicago, IL  1921-1940  
Maker of sterling handwrought Arts & Crafts holloware.
Amable Brasier (Brasher)
Philadelphia, PA  1794-1833
John Brenise
York, PA  c. 1825-1845
Ephraim Brasher
New York, NY  c. 1765-1776and 1883-1809  
Was in the partnership of Brasher & Alexander 1800-1801.
Sylvanus Bramhall
Plymouth, MA  c. 1790
Charles Branda / C. Branda & Co.
Norfolk, VA 1811-1814 and 1818-1828 and Philadelphia, PA 1816-1818
Was in the partnership of C. Branda & Co. in 1816-1818.
W.J. Braitsch & Co.
Providence, RI  1893-c. 1922
Makers of sterling vanity ware and holloware.
John Brevoort
New York, NY  1742-1770
Frederick Adolphus Brahe
Albany, NY 1840-1844 and Augusta, GA 1845-1877
A. & C. Brandt
Philadelphia, PA  1800-1814  
Aime and Charles Brandt.
Breadner Manufacturing Co.
Hull, Quebec, Canada  1903-1930  
Makers of souvenir spoons and jewelry.  Succeeded by Breadner Co. Ltd.
Jules Brenner
New York, NY 1951-1973 and Provincetown, MA Early 1970s  
Modernist studio jeweler.
Brahe to Brinsmaid
Brahe to Brinsmaid
Abram Brinsmaid
Burlington, VT  1795-1837
Was in the partnership of Brinsmaid & Bliss with Moses Bliss 1806-1809.  
Silversmith and clockmaker.
Brasher & Alexander
New York, NY  1800-1801
Ephraim Brasher and George Alexander.
J.H. Breakell & Co.
Newport, RI  1972-Present
Makers of gold and sterling jewelry, buckles, and ornaments; some
Elijah Braman
Taunton, MA c. 1830-1840 and Warren, RI 1840-1850
Braverman & Levy
San Francisco, CA  1852-1881  
Brand-Chatillon Co.
New York, NY  1916-1952
Silversmiths and jewelers founded by George A. Brand
and Alf J. Chatillon.  The firm was sold to William Wise
& Son in 1925 and closed in 1952.
1926 Brand-Chatillon Ad
Charles Brewer / C. Brewer & Co.
Middletown, CT  1800-c. 1850  
Brewer was involved in a number of partnerships:
Hart & Brewer with Judah Hart 1800-1803.
Brewer & Mann with Alexander Mann 1803-1805.
C. Brewer & Co. c. 1810.
It is believed he was primarily a jeweler in his later years.
1897 W.J. Braitsch & Co. Ad
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