Lewis R. Broomall
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1846-1861  
Silversmith and watchmaker.  Appointed by Abraham Lincoln as the
Chief Coiner of the U.S. Mint 1861-1863.
Thomas F. Brogan Co.
New York, NY  1896-1930
John Brock
New York, NY  1831-1848
Silversmith and jeweler.
Jacob Brittin
Philadelphia, PA  1807-1814 and 1842-1856 and New York, NY 1835
Robert Brookhouse
Salem, MA  1800-1819
Robert Brown / R. Brown & Son
Baltimore, MD  1824-1880  
Operated as R. Brown & Son 1849-1852.
Elnathan Clark Brown
Westerly, RI  1817-1829
S.D. Brower & Son
Albany, NY  1867-1884  
Sperry Douglas Brower and son Walter S. Brower.  Maker and retailer of
coin and sterling flatware.
Samuel C. Brown
New York, NY  1824-1839
Brown & Kirby
New Haven, CT  1834-1857
George B. Brown and John Burgis Kirby.  Succeeded by the
John B. Kirby Co.
Thomas G. Brown / Thomas G. Brown & Sons
New York, NY  1881-c. 1915  
Successor to Baldwin & Co.  Became Thomas G. Brown & Sons in 1881 when
Brown's sons Thomas B. and William A. were added to the firm.
Bristol Manufacturing Co.
Attleboro, MA  c. 1895-1912  
Makers of sterling vanity items.  Also made plated flatware and cut glass items.  
Succeeded by Bristol Silver Co.
George Brown
New Haven, CT  c. 1830-1877  
In the partnership of Brown & Kirby with John B. Kirby 1834-1857.
Frederick O. Brooks
Madison, IN  1864-c.1896  
Was in the partnership of Brooks & Dold 1866-1874.  The partnership
was re-formed c. 1890 and was in business until at least 1896.
Brooks & Dold
Madison, IN  1866-1874 and c. 1890-1896  
Frederick O. Brooks and Godfried Dold.
W.N. Brooks
Chicago, IL  c. 1922-1931
Edward Brown
Richmond, VA 1811-1816; Lynchburg, VA 1816 and 1823-1835; and Liberty, VA
(now Bedford) 1817  
In the partnership of Sullivan & Brown with Enoch Sullivan in 1814.
Bristol to Brown
Bristol to Brown
1884 Thomas G. Brown & Sons Advertisement
Laurent Brown
Utica, NY 1838 and Rochester, NY 1838-1841
1842 Brown & Kirby Ad
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David Brown, Jr.
Attleboro, MA c 1802-1804; Warren, RI 1804-1828; Pawtucket, RI 1828-1833;
and Providence, RI 1833-1841
Henry S. Brown
New York, NY 1845; Syracuse, NY 1851-1852; and Utica, NY 1852-1863
Robert J. Brown & Co.
Boston, MA  1818-1820
Robert J. Brown, Robert Somerby, and Charles Brown.
Seth Eastman Brown
Concord, NH 1843-1849 and Boston, MA 1849-1866
Was a partner in a number of businesses:
Brackett, Crosby & Brown 1849-1850.
Crosby & Brown with Samuel Crosby 1851-1852.
Jones, Ball & Poor 1853-1855.
Jones, Shreve & Brown 1855-1858.
Shreve, Brown & Co. 1858-1863.
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