Frederick Bucher
Baltimore, MD  1876-1929
Listed in directories 1877-1879 as a silversmith and as a manufacturing jeweler
in later years.
David John Burger
New York, NY  1805-1806 and 1815-1834
Francis A. Bunnell & Co.
Syracuse, NY  1866-1874
Bunnell & Schreuder
Syracuse, NY  c. 1853-1857
Frances A. Bunnell and Andrew B. Schreuder.
Benjamin Bunker
Nantucket, MA  c. 1770-1815  
Silversmith and clockmaker.
Henry Peat Buckley
New Orleans, LA  1850-1903
Dwight Hawley Buell / D.H. Buell & Co.
Hartford, CT  1858-1889  
Buell was in the partnership of T. Steele & Co. with Thomas H. Steele 1858-1866.  
Worked as D.H. Buell & Co. 1866-1875 with Charles J. Wood as his partner.
Samuel Buel (Buell)
Middletown, CT  1777-1780 and Hartford, CT c. 1780
George Washington Bull
East Hartford, CT  c. 1840
William Burdick  (b.1792)
New Haven, CT 1812-1814 and Itaca, NY 1815-1820
In the partnerships of Ufford & Burdick with Thomas Ufford
1813-1814 and later Burdick & Burritt 1816-1819.
John Burger
New York, NY  1775-1807  
In the partnership of Burger & Prichard c. 1775.  Worked with
Myer Myers 1779-1783.
Thomas Burger
New York, NY  1805-1806
Irvin and Bonnie Burkee
Blackhawk, CO c. 1951-1957; Aspen, CO 1957-1978; Verde
Valley, AZ 1978-1994; Lake Montezuma, AZ 1994-2007  
Modernist studio jewelers.
William Brown
Albany, NY  c. 1845-1849
William Brown
Baltimore, MD  c. 1810-1852
Thomas William Brown
Wilmington, NC  1830-1872
Was in the partnership of Brown & Anderson c. 1850-1871.  After
Brown's death in 1872, his business was renamed T.W. Brown & Sons.
Butler Bryant, Jr.
Lexington, KY  1844-c. 1848
Liberty Browne
Baltimore, MD c. 1799 and Philadelphia, PA 1810-1815  
Was in the partnerships of Browne & Houlton with John Houlton
in 1799 and Brown & Seal 1810-1813.
John Bryan
Asheville, NC  1950s-1960s  
Modernist studio jeweler.
Thomas J. Brown
Baltimore, MD  1842-1884  
Worked under the name of Thomas J. Brown & Son 1872-1884.
c. 1880 Thomas J. Brown & Son Trade Card
Brown to Burkee
Brown to Burkee
Charles Oliver Bruff
Elizabethtown, NJ 1760-1762; New York, NY 1763-1782; Shelburne, NS 1883-1787
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.  Because of sympathies for the British cause, Bruff joined
the British Army and remained with them in New York.  When the evacuation of New York by the
British Army was eminent, Bruff packed up his household and moved to Nova Scotia.  Listed in
1792 with the occupation of tinker.
Browne, Spaulding & Co.
New York, NY  1869-1871
Silversmiths and jewelers.  Successor to Brown &
Spaulding (1864-1869)
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Browne & Seal
Baltimore, MD 1810-1813
Liberty Browne and William Seal.
George Burdock
Philadelphia, PA  1772-1812