C.A. Burr & Co.
Rochester, NY  1857-1863
A partnership between Cornelius A. Burr and John T. Fox.  The business was
sold to Sunderlin & Weaver.
Cornelius A. Burr
Rochester, NY  1838-1863  
Was in partnership of C.A. Burr & Co. 1857-1863.  Silversmith and jeweler.
Christopher Burr
Providence, RI  1813-1869  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Burritt, Brooks & Co.
Ithaca, NY  1865-1875  
A partnership between Edwin J. Burritt, Joseph C. Burritt, and Frederick W. Brooks.
Ezekiel Burr
Providence, RI  c. 1785-1824
Was in the partnership of E. & W. Burr with William Burr
1792-1810 and later in the partnership of Burr & Lee with
Samuel W. Lee 1815-1819.
Butler & McCarty
Philadelphia, PA  1850-1868
Franklin Butler and Edward McCarty.
Succeeded by Butler, McCarty & Co.
Joseph Burritt  (b. 1795  d. 1889)
Ithaca, NY  1816-1864  
In partnership with William P. Burdick of Burdick & Burritt 1816-1819.  In the partnership
of J. Burritt & Son with son Joseph Curtis Burritt 1838-1864.  Silversmith, jeweler and clockmaker.
Robert A. Butler
Pine Plains, NY  c. 1981-Present  Website
Alexander Jay Burr
Rochester, NY  1832-1836
Albert Chapin Burr
Rochester, NY  c. 1825-1832
George Bush
Easton, PA  1812-1837
Nathaniel Butler
Savannah, GA 1796-1797 and Utica, NY 1799-c. 1815
In the partnership of Butler & Osborn with John Osborn 1805-1807 and Butler &
DeBerard with C.J.J. DeBerard c. 1807-1815
John Burt
Boston, MA  1713-1745
Butler, McCarty & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1868-1876  
Franklin Butler, Edward McCarty and Henry O. Hulburt.
J. Burrtt & Son
Ithaca, NY  1838-1864  
Joseph Burritt and son Joseph C. Burritt.
Benjamin Burt
Boston, MA  1750-1805
Samuel Burt
Boston, MA  1745-1754
Burnett to Byrnes
Burnett to Byrnes
William Burt
Boston, MA  1745-1751
Burnett & Rigden
Georgetown, DC  1796-1806  
Charles A. Burnett and John E. Rigden.
Fitch Welch Burwell
Portsmouth, VA 1841-1843 and Norfolk, VA 1843-1858
In the firms of J.M. Freeman & Co. 1843-1844 and Burwell & Winship
1854-1856.  Silversmith, watchmaker, jeweler, and early photographer.
Thomas Byrnes
Wilmington, DE  1788-1798
In the partnership of Woodcock & Byrnes with Bancroft Woodcock
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Charles A. Burnett
Alexandria, VA 1793-1796 and Georgetown, DC 1796-c. 1840   
In the partnership of Burnett & Rigden 1796-1806.
James Byrne
Philadelphia, PA 1784-1788; New York, NY 1789-1799;
Elizabeth, NJ  1799; and New York, NY 1800
In the partnership of James Byrne & Co. in 1799.
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James P. Butler
Philadelphia, PA  1863-1875  
Nathaniel Bushnell
Middletown, CT  c. 1825-1854
Maker of spectacles, combs, and novelties.