Elias Baker
New Brunswick, NJ  c. 1840-1871
The Baker-Manchester Co.
Providence, RI  c. 1914-c. 1930  
Makers of sterling flatware, holloware, and
novelties, including many fancy and unusual flatware serving pieces.  
flatware patterns.
George Baker
Providence, RI   1812-1870
Stephens Baker
Wilmington, NC 1816-1818 and Beverly, MA 1818
Silversmith, watchmaker and jeweler.
Eleazer Baker
Ashford and Windham, CT  c. 1785-1793
Silversmith, clock and watchmaker.
Baird-North Co.
Salem, MA  1892-1907 and Providence, RI 1907-1929  
Founded by William Gilmore Hussey as a gold and silversmith firm and became a mail order house for gold
and sterling flatware, holloware, jewelry and novelties made by other manufacturers.  Sold to Jason Weiler &
Sons in 1929 to become the Jason Weiler Baird-North Co.
Stanley Sanford Baldwin
New York, NY  1827-1834  
Partnered with Samuel Baldwin in the firm of S.S. & S. Baldwin
1830-1832.  Silversmith and watchmaker.
Jesse Garretson Baldwin
Oxford, CT 1825-1831 and Middletown, CT 1831-c. 1860  
In the firm of J. & S. Baldwin 1831-1833.
L.G. Balfour Co.
Attleboro, MA  1913-1996 and Austin, TX 1996-Present
Makers of sterling holloware and jewelry.  
Ball, Black & Co.
New York, NY  1851-1874
Founded by William Black and Henry Ball, and Ebenezer Monroe.
Successors to Ball, Tompkins & Black.  Became Black, Starr & Frost in
1874.  Makers and retailers of quality sterling flatware and holloware.
Ball, Tompkins & Black
New York NY  1839-1851  
Henry Ball, Erastus O. Tompkins and
William Black.  Successors to Marquand & Co. and succeeded
by Ball, Black & Co.
Edward Ball Co.
New York, NY  c. 1918-1927
Makers of sterling holloware.
William Ball  (b. 1763  d. 1815)
Baltimore, MD  1785-1815  
In the partnership of Johnson & Ball with Israel Johnson 1785-1790 and
later the partnership of Ball & Heald with John S. Heald 1811-1812.
Ball & Heald
Baltimore, MD  1811-1812  
William Ball and and John S. Heald.
Calvin Stowe Ball  (b. 1798)
Pompey, NY  c. 1825-1870
Silversmith and jeweler, also serving as postmaster and
town clerk in Pompey.
Webb C. Ball Co.
Cleveland, OH  1879-1961
A watchmaking and jewelry house; made an assortment of souvenir
spoons in the early 1900s.
Calvin Stowe Ball (Jr.)  (b. 1832)
Syracuse, NY  1853-c. 1903  
In the partnership of Stone & Ball with Seymour H. Stone 1853-1869.  
Silversmith and jeweler.
1881 C.S. Ball Ad
Baird to Ball
Baird to Ball
Baldwin & Miller, Inc.
Newark, NJ  1920-Present
Founded by Milton Baldwin and Fred W. Miller Sr.  Makers of sterling and pewter
holloware, trophies, and novelties.  No relation to Baldwin, Miller Co., Inc.
Baldwin, Miller Co., Inc.
Indianapolis, IN  1883-c. 1980  
Makers of sterling flatware, holloware, jewelry and souvenir
spoons.  The B.M. Co. mark was used until 1915.  No relation to
Baldwin & Miller, Inc.
J. & S. Baldwin
Middletown, CT  1831-1833
Jesse G. Baldwin and Seymour W. Baldwin.
Baldwin & Jones
Boston, MA  1813-1819  
Jabez Baldwin and John B. Jones.
Baldwin & Smith
Newark, NJ  1850-1854
Samuel Baldwin and Richard Smith.
1916 Baird North Christmas Ad
Thomas Baker
Haverhill, MA c. 1814; Salem, MA c. 1815 and 1817-1818;
Dedham, MA c. 1817; and Concord, NH  1819-1820  
In partnership with Jabez Baldwin in the firm of Baldwin & Baker c. 1817-1819.
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Jabez C. Baldwin
Hanover, NH 1798-1803; Salem, MA c. 1804-1819 and Boston, MA 1813-1819
In the partnerships of Baldwin & Jones 1813-1819 and Baldwin & Baker
with Thomas Baker 1817-1819.
J. & S. Baldwin & Co.
Newark, NJ  1861-1862  
John Baldwin and Samuel E. Baldwin.
Pleasant H. Baird
Petersburg, VA 1802-1805; Raleigh, VA c. 1805; Natchez, MS 1806-1810
Lexington, KY 1811-1812; Paris, KY 1813-1814; Washington, KY 1814-1817;
and Maysville, KY 1817-1830