Beasom & Reed
Nashua, NH  1834-1843  
A partnership between William D. Beasom and
Elbridge G. Reed.  Silversmiths and dry goods merchants.
Caleb Beal
Boston, MA  c. 1771-1800
Andrew S. Beach
Nashville, TN  1847-1857
Silversmith and jeweler.
Beach & Ward
Hartford, CT  1790-1797
Partnership of Miles Beach and his former apprentice James Ward.
Beach & Son
Hartford, CT  1813-1828  
Miles Beach and John Beach.
Beach & Sanford
Litchfield, CT in 1785 and Hartford, CT 1785-c. 1788  
Miles Beach and Isaac Sanford.
W.D. Beasom & Co.
Nashua, NH  1831-1834
Evans C. Beard
Louisville, KY  c. 1820-1860  
Was in the partnership of Ayers & Beard with
Elias Ayers c. 1820-1831.  Partnered with George A. Zeumar
in the business of E.C. Beard & Co. 1831-1851.
Battin & Co.
Newark, NJ  1894-c. 1927  Founded by John D. Battin.  
Makers of sterling and gold novelties.
Bates & Klinke, Inc.
South Attleboro, MA  1919-Present  
Founded by Harold Bates and Oscar F. Klinke.  Makers of sterling
souvenir spoons and military insignia along with brass and silverplated souvenir wares.
H.L. Bean / H.L. Bean & Co.
Skaneateles, NY  c. 1844-1850
George Beatty
Harrisburg, PA  1808-1848  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Louis Bauman / L. Bauman & Co.
New York, NY and Mobile, AL 1838-1843; St. Louis, MO 1844-1872  
Was in the partnership of L. Bauman & Co. 1866-1872.
Miles Beach
Goshen, CT c. 1770-1785 and Hartford, CT 1785-1828  
In the partnerships of Beach & Sanford 1785-1788,
Beach & Ward 1789-1797, and Beach & Son 1813-1828.
John Beauchamp
Bowling Green, KY c. 1847-1850 and Paducah, KY c. 1850-1870  
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
John Bayly
Philadelphia, PA  1754-1785
E. Barton & Company
New York, NY  1814-1823  
A partnership between Erastus Barton and Isaac Marquand.
Hiram Baxter Bascom
St. Louis, MO 1832-1843
Partnered with Horace P. Woodbridge c. 1835.
William Bartram
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1769
Nehemiah Beach Bassett
Albany, NY 1795-1819 and Schenectady, NY after 1820  
In the partnership of Bassett & Warford 1800-1805.
E. & J. Bass
New York, NY  c. 1895-c. 1930  
Acquired dies of Reeves & Browne and of Bachrach & Freedman in 1900.  
Maker of sterling and silverplated novelties.
Bassett & Warford
Albany, NY  1800-1805
A partnership between Nehemiah Beach Bassett and
Joseph Warford.
Joseph Barton
Stockbridge, MA 1791-1798 and Utica, NY 1804-1832  
Was in the partnership of Barton & Porter with
Joseph Sewall Porter 1811-1816.
Barton to Beauchamp
Benjamin Barton  (b.1803  d. 1887)
Alexandria, VA  1816-1887
Silversmith, watchmaker, and instrument maker.
Henry F. Bayeux
Troy, NY  1801-1842
In the firms of H. Bayeux & Son 1825-1833  
and H. Bayeux & Co. 1839-1842.
John M. Beasley
Fayetteville, NC  1838-1886
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Barton to Beauchamp
Jacob Bear
Lexington, VA  1823-1860
Simeon A. Bayley
New York, NY  1784-1799
Was in various partnerships:
VanVoorhis, Bayley & Coley 1784-1785
Van Voorhis, Bayley, Coley & Cox in 1785
Alexander & Simeon Bayley in 1791
Bayley & Douglas 1797-1799