The Bell Trading Post
Albuquerque, NM  c. 1931-1980  
Makers of sterling souvenir spoons and sterling, copper, and
mixed metal jewelry.
Benedict & Son
New York, NY  c. 1840
Benedict & Scudder
New York, NY  1828-1836  
Andrew C. Benedict and Egbert Scudder.
Butler Bement
Pittsfield, MA  1807-c. 1850  
Was in partnership of Bement & Dexter with Nathaniel Dexter
M.S. Benedit Mfg. Co. / Benedict Manufacturing Co.
East Syracuse, NY  1894-1953
Founded by M. Stewart Benedict.  Reorganized in 1906 as the Benedict Mfg. Co.
In 1912 they acquired the Hamilton Silver Mfg. Co., Benedict Dunn Co., and the
Benjamin Clark Silver Co.  Primarily makers of silverplate flatware and holloware,
they did make some small sterling novelty items.  The mark to the right is from a silverplated item.
Andrew Comstock Benedict
New York, NY  1828-1888
Silversmith and watchmaker.  Was in the partnership of Benedict & Scudder
with Egbert Scudder 1828-1836.  Was in the partnership of A.C. Benedict & Co.
with Lewis S. Benedict from 1848 until his death in 1888; this firm remained in
business until it closed in 1931.
John O. Bellis
San Francisco, CA  1906-1943  
Maker of handwrought sterling flatware and holloware in the Arts & Crafts style.
Thomas W. Bell
Philadelphia, PA 1837 and Petersburg, VA 1838-1853
Benedict & Squire
New York, NY  1839-1845  
Martin Benedict and Bela S. Squire, Jr.
Samuel Ward Benedict  (b. 1795)
New York, NY  1819-1864
William Beecher
Southbury, CT  1826-1840  
Silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker.
Clement Beecher
Various CT 1801-1820  
Traveled to sell his silver wares; sold in the towns of Cheshire, Berlin, and Meriden, CT.
John Bedford
Fishkill, NY  1782-c. 1805
Bechtel & Eno
Philadelphia, PA  1861-1870  
A company formed by George Bechtel, a merchant, and George Augustus Eno,
a silversmith, to manufacture silverware.
Becht & Hartl
Newark, NJ  c. 1935-1950
J.P. Beggs & Co.
Cincinnati, OH  1842-1843
Joseph P. Beggs.
James Ward Beebe / J.W. Beebe & Co.
New York, NY  1835-1844
In the partnership of J.W. & L.D. Beebe 1836-1840.  
Worked as J.W. Beebe & Co. 1844-1845.
Kenneth Begay
Scottsdale, AZ  1950s-1977  
Highly acclaimed Navajo silversmith, called the "Father of Modern Navajo Jewelry."  
Worked at the White Hogan Shop 1948-1962; the mark shown is from that period.
Beggs & Smith
Cincinnati, OH  1848-1861  
Joseph P. Beggs and Harry R. Smith.  Succeeded by
Smith & Boerner.
Francis A. Beauvais
St. Louis, MO  1838-1893
Worked as a jeweler after 1866; Beauvais' widow continued his business until
she liquidated it in 1898.
Beaucraft, Inc.
Providence, RI  1947-1965
Primarily a sterling and costume jewelry manufacturer, Beaucraft also made
sterling souvenir spoons and novelties 1950-1965.
Rene Beauvais
St. Louis, MO  1840-1876  
Partnered with his brother Augustus Beauvais in the firm
of R. & A. Beauvais 1840-1851.
Beaucraft to Benedict
Moses S. Benedict
Katonah, NY  c. 1855-1880  
John O. Beebe
New York, NY  1833-1835
Trowbridge Benedict
New York, NY  1822-1836
Worked with Benedict & Scudder 1828-1836.
William Beebe
New York, NY 1848-1850 and Syracuse, NY c. 1855-1869
Silversmith and jeweler.
J. & G.R. Bell / Bell Bros.
Ogdensburg, NY  c. 1840-1898
Founded by brothers John and George R. Bell c. 1840.  Another brother, Elliot Bell,
later joined the firm.  The name was changed to Bell Bros. c. 1870.
Samuel Bell
Knoxville, TN 1819-1852 and San Antonio, TX 1852-1882  
Was in the partnership of Bell, Dyer & Simpson 1819-1820 with
Edmund B. Dyer and James Simpson and later in the firm of Bell &
Delancy 1826-1827.  Served as mayor of Knoxville 1840-1842 and
1844-1846.  Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
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William Bell
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1805
Beaucraft to Benedict
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Charles Frederick Beckel
Doylestown, PA 1823-1824 and Bethlehem, PA 1824-c. 1855
Beckel went on to run a foundry he originally acquired in 1826.