Bigelow & Bros.
Boston, MA  1839-1847  
John Bigelow, Abraham O. Bigelow and Alanson Bigelow.  
Succeeded by Bigelow Bros. & Kennard.
Bigelow, Kennard & Co.
Boston, MA  1867-1972
Successor to Bigelow Bros. & Kennard.  Makers and retailers of quality flatware
and holloware.
Bigelow, Bros. & Kennard
Boston, MA  1847-1867
Successor to Bigelow & Bros. and predecessor to Bigelow,
Kennard & Co.  Makers and retailers of coin and sterling flatware and holloware.
Wheelock Peet Bingham
Indianapolis, IN  1859-1889  
Was in the partnerships of W.P. Bingham & Co. with Joseph H. Sprague
1860-1872; Bingham, Walk & Mayhew 1879-1881; and Bingham & Walk
1881-1889.  Silversmith and jeweler.  
John Bigelow
Boston, MA  1830-1860
Was in the partnerships of John Bigelow & Co. 1836-1839; Bigelow &
Bros. 1839-1847; and Bigelow Bros. & Kennard 1847-1860.
Binder Bros.
New York, NY  c. 1919-Present
Makers of sterling novelties and jewelry.
Andrew Billings
Preston, CT; Fishkill, NY; and Poughkeepsie, NY  c. 1780-1808
Served as a captain in the Revolutionary War.
Charles Frederich Billon / Billon & Co.
Philadelphia, PA 1795-1818 and St. Louis, MO 1818-1822  
Was in the partnership of Chaudron & Billon with Simon Chaudron 1795-1797.
John Bigelow & Co.
Boston, MA  1836-1839  
John Bigelow and Alanson Bigelow.
Francis Bicknell
Rome, NY  1818-1859
Joseph Bevan
Baltimore, MD 1833-1861; Gettysburg, PA 1861-1868;
Williamsport, PA 1868-1885; and Winston, NC 1885-1894
Was in the partnership of C. Blake & Co. with Charles Blake 1856-1861.
Everard Benjamin / E. Benjamin & Co.
New Haven, CT  1829-1873  Son of Barzillai Benjamin.  
Formed E. Benjamin & Co. c. 1830 until c. 1864.  In the
partnership of Benjamin & Ford c. 1869-1873.
Benjamin & Ford
New Haven, CT  c. 1869-1873
A partnership between Everard Benjamin and George H. Ford.
Bennett & Caldwell
Philadelphia, PA  1843-1848  
A partnership between James M. Bennett and James Emmett
Caldwell.  When Bennett left the firm in 1848, the business
became J.E. Caldwell & Co., a well known jewelry firm still in
business today.
Thomas Bentley
Boston, MA  1796-1803
Wm. Bens Co.
Providence, RI  c. 1904-c. 1920
Manufacturing jeweler who made sterling holloware, vanity ware,
and novelties.
R. Best & Co.
Cincinnati, OH  1815-1817  
A partnership between Robert Best, Enos Woodruff, and Jacob Deterly.
William John Bessac
Hudson, NY  c. 1810-1825
Peter L. Berg
Chicago, IL  c. 1909-c. 1925
Kalo Shop shopmaster.  Handwrought Arts & Crafts flatware and
holloware bearing Berg's mark were made independently by Berg.
Samuel Best
Paris, KY 1801; Cincinnati, OH 1802-1818; and Rising Sun, IN 1819-1859
Formed a partnership with his brother, Robert Best, as Samuel and Robert Best
in 1812 but this lasted less than a year.  They became partners again 1817-1818.
Bentley & Wood
Washington, DC  c. 1808-1809  
Joseph Bentley and William Wood.
Benjamin to Bingham
Bennett & Thomas
Petersburg, VA  1812-1828  
Initially a partnership between John Bennett and Ebenezer Thomas, the business was
dissolved in 1819.  A second partnership was then established that same year between
John Bennett and John W. Thomas, ending with Bennett's death in 1828.
John Bennett
Richmond, VA 1805-1812 and Petersburg, VA 1812-1828  
A partner in the firm of Bennett & Thomas 1812-1828.
Daniel Billings
Preston, CT  1790-1795
1856 Bigelow Bros. & Kennard Advertisement
James Bingham
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1860-1906
Gilbert Bigger
Baltimore, MD  1783-1816  
In the partnership of Bigger & Clarke with Ambrose Clark 1783-1784.
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Benjamin to Bingham
Barzillai Benjamin
Bridgeport, CT 1815-1819 and 1829-1844; New Haven, CT 1820-1829;
and New York, NY 1825-1829
John Benjamin
Stratford, CT  c. 1725-1747+