Horace D. Brackett
Brattleboro, VT c. 1835-1856 and Galesburg, IL c. 1860-1861
Was in the firm of Birge, Brackett & Co. c. 1835-1840.
Jeffrey Richardson Brackett
Boston, MA  1835-1850  
Was in the partnerships of Brackett & Crosby
with Samuel T. Crosby 1848-1849 and then
Brackett, Crosby & Brown with Samuel T. Crosby
and Seth E. Brown 1849-1850.
Theophilus Bradbury  (b. 1763  d. 1848)
Newburyport, MA  c. 1796-c. 1840  
Partnered with Joseph Moulton in the firm of
Moulton & Bradbury c. 1796.  Later partnered with
his son Ebenezer Bradbury in the firm of Theophilus Bradbury &
Son c. 1815.
Horace Strong Bradley / H.S. Bradley & Co.
Utica, NY  1825-1855  
Was in the partnership of Leach & Bradley with Ebenezer Leach 1832-1836.  
Partnered with William Blackwood in 1836 to become H.S. Bradley & Co.
Z. Bradley & Son
New Haven, CT  1840  
Zebul Bradley and son Gustavus Bradley.
Bradley & Merriman
New Haven, CT  1826-1842  
Zebul Bradley and Marcus Merriman.
Boyd & Mulford
Albany, NY  1832-1840  
Boyd & Hoyt
Albany, NY  1830-1832  
William Boyd and George B. Hoyt.
Gerardus Boyce
New York, NY  1814-1857  
Was in the partnership of Boyce & Jones 1825-1829.
Thomas A. Boullt
Hagerstown, MD  1846-1865 and
1869 to 1876
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.
Samuel Bowne
New York, NY  1796-1817
In the firm of Bowne & Park 1800-1801.
Boyden-Minuth Co.
Chicago, IL  1918-1970s  
Founded by Frank S. Boyden as F.S. Boyden & Co. c. 1897, renamed
the Boyden-Minuth Co. when Fred C. Minuth became a partner.  
Makers of high-end jewelry, Arts & Crafts style handwrought holloware
and flatware, trophies and ecclesiastic items.
Boyden & Fenno
Worcester, MA  1825-1849  
Partnership between Joseph Boyden and William Fenno.
Daniel Boyer
Boston, MA  1746-1779
Boyce & Jones
New York, NY  1825-1829
A partnership between Gerardus Boyce and Elisha Jones.
Phineas Bradley
New Haven, CT  c. 1766-1797
Brackett, Crosby & Brown
Boston, MA  1849-1850  Jeffrey R. Brackett, Samuel T. Crosby, and
Seth E. Brown.
F.S. Boyden & Co.
Chicago, IL  c. 1897-1918  
Succeeded by the Boyden-Minuth Co.
Brackett & Crosby
Boston, MA  1848-1849
Jeffrey R. Brackett and Samuel T. Crosby.  Succeeded by Brackett,
Crosby & Brown.
Joseph Boyden
Worcester, MA  c. 1825-1849  
In the partnership of Boyden & Fenno with William Fenno 1825-1849.
Boullt to Brady
Boullt to Brady
Bowen Jewelry Co.
Lynchburg, VA  1933-Present
Brady & Elliott
Pottsville, PA  c. 1853  
Silversmiths, watchmakers, and jewelers.
John Boutier
New York, NY  1803-1818
After Boutier's death in 1818, the business was continued by his widow
until 1826.
H.G. Bradley
Mantua, OH  1815-1830
Zebul Bradley
New Haven, CT  1802-1852
Involved in a number of partnerships:
Marcus Merriman & Co. with Marcus Merriman and Bethuel Tuttle 1802-1817.
Merriman & Bradley with Marcus Merriman 1817-1826.
Bradley & Merriman with Marcus Merriman, Jr. 1826-1842.
Z. Bradley & Son with son Gustavus Bradley in 1840.
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