Eben Cutler
Boston, MA  1839-1852  
Was in the partnership of A. & E. Cutler 1839-1842.
A. & E. Cutler
Boston, MA  1839-1842  
Amos Cutler & Eben Cutler.
H.H. Curtis & Co.
North Attleboro, MA  1883-1915
Makers of sterling flatware and souvenir spoons.
flatware patterns.
John Curry
Philadelphia and Newburgh, PA  1825-1867
In the firm of Curry & Preston 1825-1831.
Curry & Preston
Philadelphia, PA  1825-1831
John Curry and Stephen L. Preston.
Currier & Trott
Boston, MA  1830-1865
Richard Currier and Peter Trott.  
Succeeded by Currier, Trott & Co.
Currier & Roby
New York, NY  1901-c. 1943  
Ernest M. Currier and Harry E. Roby.  Became a division of Elgin Silversmiths.  
Makers of sterling holloware and flatware, specializing in antique reproductions.
Crown Silver Co.
New York, NY  1955-1960  
Acquired Hasselbring Silver Co., Revere Silver Co., and Wolfenden Silver Co.  Acquired the
flatware dies of Amston Silver Co.  Makers of sterling and silverplate flatware and holloware.
Alexander Crouckshanks
Boston, MA  1768-c. 1780
Amos Cutler
Boston, MA  1833-1852  
Was in the partnership of A. & E. Cutler 1839-1842.
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.
S.S. Cutler & Co.
Lexington, KY  c. 1850
Curtiss & Stiles
Woodbury, CT  1835-1840  
Daniel Curtiss and Benjamin Stiles.
Edmund M. Currier
Hopkinton, NH 1815-1825 and Salem, MA 1825-1853  
Was in the partnership of Currier & Foster with George B. Foster 1837-1840.
Lews Curtis
Farmington, CT 1797-1803; Burlington, VT 1803-1820; St. Charles, MO c. 1820;
and Hazel Green, WI c. 1840  
Was in the partnership of Lewis & F. Curtis (later called L. & F. Curtis) with Frederick Curtis 1808-1815.  
Worked as L. Curtis & Co. c. 1820.
F. Curtis & Co.
Hartford, CT  1848-1854
Brothers Frederick Curtis and Joseph S.
Curtis.  Reorganized in 1854 as the Curtisville Mfg. Co.
Curtiss, Candee & Stiles
Woodbury, CT  1831-1835
A partnership between Daniel Curtiss,
Lewis B. Candee, and Benjamin Stiles.
Louis Cure
Philadelphia, PA 1813-1819; New York, NY 1819-1832 and 1844-1848;
and Brooklyn, NY 1832-1841
Crowley & Farr
Philadelphia, PA  1823-1825
John Crowley and John C. Farr.
Currier & Foster
Salem, MA  1837-1840  
Edmund M. Currier and George B. Foster.
Harry Culman
Honolulu, HI  c. 1903-1919
Manufacturing jeweler, also made
souvenir spoons.
Crouckshanks to Cutler
J.S. Curtis
Memphis, TN  c. 1850
Daniel Curtis
Fredericksburg, VA c. 1816; Lexington, KY c. 1820; and
Woodbury, CT 1825
James A. Curtis
Williamsburg, VA  
Master silversmith at Colonial Williamsburg
Isaac B. Curran
Ithaca, NY c. 1835-1839 and Springfield, IL  1842-1862
In the partnership of Ives & Curran 1842-1847 and 1850-1854.
Frederick Curtis
Burlington, VT  1808-1815
In the partnership of L. & F. Curtis 1808-1815.
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Crouckshanks to Cutler
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Curtiss, Candee & Co.
Woodbury, CT  c. 1826-1831
Daniel Curtiss and Lewis B. Candee.