William Carrington / William Carrington & Co.
Charleston, SC NY  1835-1901
Formed William Carrington & Co. in 1835.  In 1872,
Carrington partnered with Stephen Thomas and
continued on as the jewelry firm of Carrington, Thomas & Co. which remained in business to 1920.
M.W. Carr & Co.
Boston, MA 1870-1894 and West Somerville, MA 1894-1995  
Primarily a picture frame manufacturer.  Carr Craft is the brand name
given to their sterling and metal wares.
Joseph Carpenter
Norwich, CT 1769-1804 and Canterbury, CT 1797  
Silversmith and clockmaker.
William Williams Cary
Alton, IL 1836-1870 and Sacramento, CA c. 1870-1880
Silversmith and jeweler.
Carson & Hall
Albany, NY  1810-1819  
Thomas H. Carson and Green Hall.
Cary, Boynton & Woodford
Boston, MA  1835-1837  
Isaac H. Cary, James Boynton, and Philip R. Woodford.
Thomas H. Carson (Sr.)
Albany, NY 1810-1819 and 1825-1851 and
Pittsfield, MA 1819-1825  
In the partnership of Carson & Hall 1810-1819.
Lewis Cary
Boston, MA  1815-1834
Concord, NH 1842-1876  
In the partnership of J. Carter & Son with son Abiel Carter 1853-1854.
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
Charles Carpenter
Norwich, CT  1790-1807 Boston, MA 1807-c.1810
Carter & Caberey
Chicago, IL  1854-1859
Otis G. Carter and Harvey R. Caberey.
Paris, France 1859-Present and New York, NY 1908-Present   
Founded by Louis Philippe Cartier; his grandson, Pierre Cartier, opened
the New York shop.
1889 C.H. Case & Co. Advertisement
1949 Cartier Advertisement
Carence Crafters
Chicago, IL  1908-c. 1918  
Founded by R.D. Camp, J.H. Dunham, and C.D. Greene.  Makers of
handwrought, usually etched Arts & Crafts wares of various metals; some
small sterling items and jewelry.
James Hazen Carleton
Haverhill, MA  1849-1853  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Abraham Carlile
Philadelphia, PA  1785-1795
David Carlson
Gardner, MA  1920-1931  
A Boston Society of Arts & Crafts "Master Craftsman," Carlson worked with
Arthur Stone until 1919 then operated his own shop until his death in 1931.
Henry A. Cargill
New York, NY c. 1833-1836 and Nashville, TN 1836-1839
Was in the partnerships of Clark & Cargill c. 1833 and Clark, Coit & Cargill
c. 1834-1836.
Caron Bros.
Montreal, Canada  1901-1933  
Makers of military and other insignia, jewelry, and souvenir spoons.
Willaim Cario  (b.c. 1712  d.c. 1770)
Boston, MA  c. 1735-1770
Carleton & Kimball
New York, NY  c. 1820
Samuel Casey
Exeter, RI c. 1745-1864 and South Kingston, RI 1764-1770
CASS   See Art Silver Shop
Clayton H. Case / C.H. Case & Co.
Hartford, CT  1868-1919
Was head of the firm of C.H. Case & Co. 1889-1919.
Carence to CASS
Carter, Howe & Co. / Carter, Gough & Co.
Newark, NJ  
Originally began business as Pennington, Carter & Doaremus in 1841,
and after numerous partnership and name changes the company Carter,
Howe & Co. was formed in 1902.  A final change occurred in 1915 becoming
Carter, Gough & Co.  The firm closed in 1922.  Primarily manufacturing jewelers,
both companies used the mark shown.
Samuel T. Carley
Cincinnati, OH  1837-1865
Was a partner in a number of businesses:
Rhodes, Anthony & Carley in 1837.
Owen & Carley with William Owen 1846-1848.
Carley & Wray with Henry Wray in 1849.
S.T. Carley & Co. 1850-1852.
Carence to CASS
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