Chaudron's & Rasch
Philadelphia, PA  1809-1812
J. Simon Chaudron and Anthony Rasch.  
Jean Simon Chaudron / S. Chaudron & Co.
Philadelphia, PA 1793-1820 and Mobile, AL c. 1827-1846
Was in the partnerships of Chaudron & Bilon with
Charles Billon 1795-1797 and Chaudron's & Rasch with Anthony Rasch
1809-1812.  Worked under the business name of S. Chaudron & Co. 1805-1813.
An early user of higher grade sterling silver when coin silver was in common usage.
Maxwell Chayat
NJ  1950s to 1970s  
Sculptor, modernist jeweler, and silversmith, well known for his Judaic work.
Stephen Castan & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1819-1820
Century Sterling
A line of sterling flatware made by the International Silver Co. which
was distributed by Sears, Roebuck & Co.  See
flatware patterns.
The Cellini Shops / Cellini Craft, Ltd.
Evanston, IL 1914-1978 and Skokie, IL 1957-1965
Founded by Ernest Gerlach as The Cellini Shops.  As a
result of the need to add a less expensive material during
the depression, a line of aluminum goods was added called
Argental, and a second business, Cellini Craft, was established in 1934.  
Cellini Craft was sold to the Randahl Co. in 1957 who moved the shop to Skokie, IL.  Their patterns were
sold to Reed & Barton in 1965.  The Cellini Shops were sold to Randahl in 1969 and the workshop was
closed.  The store remained open as a retail shop until 1978.
Charters, Cann & Dunn
New York, NY  1848-1854  
James Charters, John Cann and David Dunn.
Humiston Chapin
New York, NY  1853-1863
Timothy J. Chandler
Concord, NH  1820-1829
Was a partner with his father Timothy Chandler in the firm of
Timothy Chandler & Son 1820-1824 then Timothy Chandler & Co. 1824-1829.
Timothy Chandler
Concord, NH  1791-1848  
A partner with his son Timothy Jay Chandler in the firm of Timothy Chandler & Son
1820-1824 changing the name to Tomothy Chandler & Co. 1824-1829.  Was also in
the partnership of A. Chandler & Co. with son Abiel Chandler 1829-1830.  
Silversmith and clockmaker.
Frederick A. Chaffee
Pittsfield, MA 1849-1860 with a branch store in Rutland, VT
Was a partner in the business of Root & Chaffee 1840-1849 and then
Root, Chaffee & Baird with Washington McDonough Root and
Prentice Baird 1849-1850.
John Champlin
New London, CT  1768-1785
The Charter Co.
A fine arts sterling division of the International Silver Co. that produced
goods 1928-1932.
Eldred Beverly Cayce
Franklin, TN  c. 1865-1898  
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
Otis Chapin
Springfield, MA  c. 1821-1840
John Chatellier
Newark, NY  1899-c. 1935
Makers of sterling and silverplate smoking accessories, boxes,
clock and watch cases, and novelties.  John Chatellier died in 1922,
and the business continued under his name until c. 1935.
Dimond Chandler
New York, NY 1820-1838 and Longmeadow, MA 1838-1847
Silversmith and manufacturer of spectacles and thimbles.  Was in the partnership
of Chandler & Darrow c. 1830-1831.  He sold his business in 1847 and went on to
become a major button manufacturer.
Rebecca Cauman
Boston, MA  c. 1900-c. 1940  
Named a Master Craftsman of the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts in 1924.  Cauman
specialized in making boxes and bowls, producing them in sterling, copper, and pewter.
John M. Cayce
Franklin, TN  1850-1870  
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Castan to Cheadell
J. & W. Catlin
Augusta, GA  1823-1832
Brothers Joel and Willis Catlin.
Chadwick & Harford
Philadelphia, PA  Before 1825
Thomas Chadwick and George Harford.
Castan to Cheadell
John Hatch Cheadell / Cheadell & Co.
Auburn, NY  1827-1846
Was in the partnerships of Cheadell & Co. c. 1837-1846
and Chedell & Allen with Philo Allen in Buffalo, NY
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Milton Cavagnaro  
San Francisco, CA  Late 1940s-1970s
Silversmith and modernist jeweler.
George Washington Chatterton
Springfield, IL 1838-1873 and New York, NY 1873-1880
Was a partner in the firm of Chatterton & Dodd with David C. Dodd
Daniel B. Castle
Buffalo, NY  1837-1882  
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.  Was a partner in the firm of
Castle & Morrell with Joseph Morrell 1840-1844 and later D.B. Castle
& Co. with George G. Castle 1881-1882.