Clark, Pelletreau & Upson
New York, NY and Charleston, SC  1821-1823  
Gregory Clark, Maltby Pelletreau & Stephen Upson.
Clark & Hinton
Paris, KY  1854-1857
E. Clark, Jr. and William M. Hinton.
Clark & Biddle
Philadelphia, PA  1866-1870
Succeeded by Robbins, Clark & Biddle who, in 1878, merged with
Bailey & Co. to become Bailey, Banks & Biddle.
Clark & Anthony
Providence, RI  1836-1837
A partnership between George G. Clark and
Lorenzo D. Anthony.
Francis Clark / F. Clark & Co.
Augusta, GA  1816-c. 1840  
Francis Clark took on an unknown partner and went by the name of F. Clark & Co.
c. 1820-1822.  Partnered with Horace Clark as F. & H. Clark 1830-1840.  The name
was changed to Clark, Rackett & Co. when George Rackett became a partner 1840-1852.  Rackett died in
1852 and the name changed to Clark & Co.  There is no information regarding Clark after 1840.  The
business of Clark & Co. remained operating until at least 1860.
F.H. Clark & Co.
Memphis, TN  1848-1876  
Frederick Harvey Clark and partners A.C. Wursbach, James S. Wilkins
and Thomas Hill.  Primarily retailers and jewelers.
F. & H. Clark
Augusta, GA  1830-1840  
A partnership between Francis Clark and Horace Clark.  Became
Clark, Rackett & Co. in 1840 when George Rackett was added as
a partner.
Clark & Bros.
Rutland, VT  1855-1868  
Brothers A.W. Clark, Horace G. Clark, and Norman Clark.
Clark, Rackett & Co.
Augusta, GA  1840-1852
Successor to F. & H. Clark when George Rackett joined the firm in 1840.
Joseph Clarico
Norfolk, VA  1816-1828
Churchill & Treadwell
Boston, MA  1805-1813  
Jesse Churchill and Daniel Treadwell.
George K. Childs
Philadelphia, PA  1828-1859
Chicago Silver Company
Chicago, IL  1923-1945  
Founded by Knut L. Gustafson.  Makers of handwrought sterling Arts & Crafts flatware
and holloware.  See
flatware patterns.
Jesse Churchill
Boston, MA  1805-1819  
In the partnership of Churchill & Treadwell 1805-1813.
Church & Rogers
Hartford, CT  1825-1836  
Joseph Church, Joseph Rogers, and
William Hazen Rogers.
Robert W. Choate
Philadelphia, PA  1827-1838 and Louisville, KY  c. 1852
Asaph King Childs
Milledgeville, GA 1835-1846 and Athens, GA 1847-1861  
Was in the partnership of O. & A.K. Childs with his brother
Otis Childs 1847-1861.
Ebenezer Chittenden
East Guilford (Madison), CT c. 1747-1770 and New Haven, CT 1770-1812
Moses M. Chick
Concord, NH  1849-1856
Stephen D. Choate
Cincinnati, OH 1836; Louisville, KY 1841-1855; and
Shelbyville, KY 1855-1860
A.L. Clapp
New York, NY  c. 1800
Clark & Cargill
New York, NY  c. 1833
Chicago Art Silver Shop   See Art Silver Shop.
Peter Chitry
New York, NY 1812 and 1815-1850 and Philadelphia, PA 1814
Nathan M. Christian
Utica, NY  c. 1840-1851
Clark & True
Middletown, CT  1891-1960s  
Founded by Herbert L. Clark and George W. True.  Silversmiths and jewelers.
Chicago to Clark
Joseph Church
Hartford, CT  1818-1855
In the partnerships of Church & Rogers 1825-1836; L.T. Welles & Co.
with Leonard T. Welles 1840-1841; and Church & Batterson 1851-1855.
Charles C. Childs
Pittsfield, MA c. 1858-1859 amd 1867-1879 and St. Johnsbury, VT 1859-1867
Was a partner in the firms of W.M. Root & Co. with Washington M. Root
c. 1858-1859 and C.C. Childs & Adams with E.L. Adams 1866-1867.
The mark to the right is from a spoon retailed by Childs.
Otis Childs
Milledgeville, GA 1837-1872 and Newton, MA 1872-c. 1875
Had a branch store in Athans, GA, 1846-1861
Was in the partnership of Childs & Chamberlain 1852-1861.  Formed the
partnership of O. & A.K. Childs with his brother Asaph Childs in 1847.  The
partnership was dissolved in 1861 when Asaph enlisted in the Confederate Army.
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