Abraham L. Coan
Mobile, AL  c. 1833-1841
In the partnership of Coan & Pallais c. 1833-1835.
Joseph H. Clark
Portsmouth, NH  1834-1864
Matthew Cluff
Norfolk, VA c. 1802-1816 and Elizabeth City, NC 1816-1845  
In partnership with George Ott as Ott & Cluff c. 1802-1805.
Benjamin Norton Cleveland  (b. 1767  d. 1837)
Newark, NJ  1790-1835
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Thomas Clark
Boston, MA  1746-1781  
Silversmith, clock and watchmaker.
Levi Clark
Norwalk, CT  c. 1825-1870  
Was in the partnership of Clark & Brother with
James Starr Clark c. 1825.
Joseph Clark
New York, NY 1768-c. 1777; Danbury, CT c. 1777-1791; and
Newburgh, NY 1811-c. 1818  
Partnered with Joseph Reeve in the firm of Reeve & Clark c.
1818.  Served in the Revolutionary War in 1777.
Richard Clayton
Cincinnati, OH  1834-1859
Silversmith and watchmaker who also made a name for himself as a balloonist.
Lewis Wicks Clark
Watertown, NY 1832-1836 and Utica, NY 1836-1838  
Was in the partnership of L.W. & J.C. Clark with Jonas Coe Clark 1836-1837.
Cleveland & Post
Norwich, CT  1812-1815  
William Cleveland and Samuel Post.
Walter Cline
Utica, NY  1857-1861
Was in the partnership of W. & J. Cline 1857-1860.
Patrck F. Clark
Philadelphia, PA  1842-1843
Jonas Coe Clark
Watertown, NY 1836-1837; Utica, NY 1837-1840; and Albany, NY 1840-1841
Partnered with Lewis Wicks Clark in the firm of L.W. & J.C. Clark 1836-1837.
Jan Cluett
Kingston, NY 1720-1725; Schenectady, NY 1726-1755; and Albany, NY c. 1758
Gabriel Duval Clark
Baltimore, MD  1830-1884  
Was in the partnership of Foxcroft & Clark with James A.
Foxcroft 1831-1839.
George G. Clark
Providence, RI  1813-1868  
Was in the partnership of Clark & Anthony with Lorenzo D. Anthony 1836-1837.
George R. Clark
Auburn, NY c. 1825-1827; Utica, NY 1828 and 1840-1846; and Rome, NY 1838
In the partnership of Jenkins & Clark with B.R. Jenkins c. 1827.
John Coburn
Boston, MA  c. 1750-c. 1803
Jonathan Clarke
Newport, RI 1734-c. 1755 and Providence, RI c. 1755-1766
Uri Clark
Ithica, NY  1864-1865 and 1867-c. 1915
Was a partner in the firm of Burritt, Clark & Co. 1864-1865.
Was secretary of the Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. 1902-c. 1915.
Clark to Coburn
Coan & Pallais
Mobile, AL  c. 1833-1835
Abraham L. Coan and Daniel Pallais.
Joseph Clark  (b. 1716  d. 1783)
Boston, MA  1737-1756
Clark to Coburn
William Cleveland
New London, CT  1792-1796; Worthington, MA c. 1797;
Salem, MA c. 1798-1804; and Norwich, MA 1812-1815
Silversmith, jeweler, and clockmaker.  In the partnerships of Trott &
Cleveland with John Proctor Trott in New London, CT 1792-1794 and
later Cleveland & Post with Samuel Post 1812-1815.
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