Nathaniel Coleman
Burlington, NJ  1787-1835
Charles C. Coleman
Canton, MA c. 1838 and Worcester, MA 1844-1860
Was in the partnership of Coleman & Putnam with F.H. Putnam in 1856.
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Samuel Coleman
Trenton, NJ  c. 1793-1806
John H. Connor
New York, NY  1832-1838
Was in the partnerships of Eoff & Connor with Garret
Eoff 1832-1834 and Conner & Stickes 1837-1838.
James Conning
Mobile, AL  1841-1871
Was in the partnership of James Conning & Co. with
his nephew William A. Conning c. 1866-1871.
Concord Silversmiths
Concord, NH  1925-c. 1950  
Began as Concord Silver Co. and was bankrupt by 1939.  
A new firm was organized at that time under the name of Concord Silversmiths Ltd.
and purchased Concord Silver Co.  Acquired by the Ellmore Silver Co. in 1939.
Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.  See
flatware patterns.
Columbia Silversmiths
Brooklyn, NY  1957-1961  
Manufacturers of sterling holloware.
Selden Collins
Utica, NY  1849-1885  
Was in the partnership of Murdock & Collins with James Murdock 1849-1850.
Albert Coles / Albert Coles & Co.
New York, NY  1835-1877
Became Albert Coles & Co. c. 1851.  The company was sold to
Montgomery & Co. in 1877, which was acquired by George W. Shiebler the following year.  
Makers of sterling and coin silver flatware and novelties.  See
flatware patterns.
Peleg Collins
Cincinnati, OH 1820-1850 and San Francisco, CA c. 1858
In the partnerships Shipp & Collins with S.A.M. Shipp 1825-1834 and later
Hazen & Collins with Nathan L. Hazen 1843-1847.
August Conery
Frankfort, KY  1838-1869
In the partnership of Loomis & Conery 1859-1860 with Warham P. Loomis.  
Colton & Collins
New York, NY  1825-1835
George Oliver Conrad
Harrisonburg, VA  1846-1907
Was in the partnership of Bear & Conrad with his brother-in-law Jehu W. Bear 1846-1847 and 1848-1851.  
A short lived branch of the business was operated in Luray, VA c. 1846 and another was opened in
Charlottesville, VA, in 1847.  Conrad was a partner in the firm of Conrad, Gordon & Bear 1856-1857 and
Conrad & Martz with B.F. Martz 1857-1858.
Osborn Conrad
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1841-1851
M. Connell
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1800
Coles & Reynolds
New York, NY  c. 1871-1876
Gilbert E. Coles (nephew of Albert Coles) and David I. Reynolds.
Acquired by George W. Shiebler.  See
flatware patterns.
Reuben Rice Conn
Fitchburg, MA  c. 1852-1905
John Coney
Boston, MA  c. 1676-1722
William B. Collins
New York, NY  c. 1825-1835
Was a member of the firm of Colton & Collins 1825-1835.
Ella L. Cone
Boston, MA  1950s-1960s
Proprietor of The Silversmith's Shop.  Modernist studio  
Benjamin Coleman, Jr.
Burlington, NJ c. 1785 and Sag Harbor, NY c. 1802-1820
Contempora House
A line of sterling handled flatware made by Reed & Barton.
flatware patterns.
Demas Colton, Jr.
New York, NY  c. 1826-1864
Commonwealth Silver Co.
Los Angeles, CA  1905-c. 1920
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Coleman to Contempora
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Columbian Souvenir Mfg. Co.
Chicago, IL  c. 1893
William Coley II
New York, NY  1801-1816