John Corbett
Whitingham, VT  c. 1800
John William Cortelyou
Morristown, NJ 1825-1834; New Brunswick, NJ  1834-c. 1854; and
Rahway, NJ c. 1854-1860
Otis B. Corbett
Worcester, MA  c. 1806-1822
Lewis Cory
Rahway, NJ  1830-1848  
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.
Jesse Corbett
Keene, NH  1812-1827
Nathaniel Cornwell
Danbury, CT c. 1800-1815; Hudson, NY 1816-1817;
Cumberland Co., NC c. 1820 and Fayetteville, NC c. 1823
Walter Cornell
Providence, RI  c. 1780-1801  
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Cooper & Fisher
New York, NY  1854-1862  
Francis W. Cooper and Richard Fisher.
W. & A. Cooper
Cincinnati, OH 1836-1837 and Louisville, KY 1837-1846
Brothers William and Archibald Cooper.  Opened a retail
store in Frankfort, KY in 1842.
Joseph Cooper
Columbia and Greenville, SC  1843-1860
Francis W. Cooper
New York, NY  1842-1890  
Was in the partnership of Cooper & Fisher with
Richard Fisher 1854-1862.  Well known for his ecclesiastical silver work.
William Cooper
Cincinnati 1835-1837 and 1846 and Louisville, KY 1838-1846
In the partnership of Cooper & Saulnier with W.H. Saulnier in 1836 and
then the partnership of W. & A. Cooper with brother Archibald Cooper
Erastus Cook
Rochester, NY 1815-1859 and Madison, WI c. 1859-1864  
Was in the partnership of Cook & Booth in Rochester, NY 1838-1850.  Was
then in the partnership of Cook & Stillwell with Mortimer F. Stillwell in
Rochester, NY 1847-1859.  Silversmith and watchmaker.
Benjamin Ely Cook
Troy, NY c. 1826; Amherst, MA 1827-1833; and Norhampton, MA 1834-1900
Silversmith and jeweler.  In partnerships of Storrs & Cook with Nathan Storrs
1828-1833 and later the partnership of B.E. Cook & Son 1858-1900.
Oliver B. Cooley
Utica, NY  1828-1844  
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.  Was in the firm of Storrs & Cooley
1831-1839 and then Tanner & Cooley with Perry G. Tanner 1840-1842.
John Cook
New York, NY  1855-1880  
Was a partner in the firm of Theo. Evans & Co. 1855-1865 with
Theodore Evans.  The firm name was changed in 1865 to
Evans & Cook.  Evans retired in 1869 and Cook continued on his own.
George W. Cook (Cooke)
Boonville, MO  1843-1869
Was a partner with Robert Simpson in the firm of Cook & Simpson in 1866.
John B. Cooke
Petersburg, VA  1837-1852
B.E. Cook & Son
Northampton, MA  1858-1900  
Benjamin E. Cook and son Benjamin E. Cook.
Cook & Simpson
Boonville, MO  1866  
George W. Cook and Robert Simpson.
A.H. Cook
Hudson, NY  c. 1838-1840
Elizabeth Copeland
Boston, MA  c. 1905-1920  
Highly regarded silversmith, best known for her enamel work on silver and medieval
styled designs.
Betty Cooke
Baltimore, MD  1950s-Present  
Modernist studio jeweler.
John Cook
New York, NY 1794-1806 and Boston, MA c. 1813
Cook to Cory
Edward Corner
Easton, MD  1793-1811
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William B. Cordell
Charlestown, VA (now WV) 1806-1810+; Leesburg, VA 1812; and
Warrenton, VA 1814-c. 1835
Was in the partnership of Franklin & Cordell with Thomas Franklin in 1822.
Frederick B. Cook
Columbia, PA c. 1825-1832 and
York, PA 1832-1842
Cook to Cory