Crichton & Co. Ltd.
London, England with branches in Chicago, IL and New York, NY    
The firm was established in London as Crichton Bros. c. 1890, operating a
branch in New York 1912-1936 and had a Chicago branch which opened in
1916.  Silversmiths and antique silver dealers.
Crest Silver Co.
New Haven, CT  c. 1930s  
Purchased by Boardman in 1942.  Makers of sterling holloware.
Newton Ebenezer Crittenden
LeRoy, NY 1824; Albany, NY 1825; and Cleveland, OH 1826-1872
Silversmith and jeweler.
Jacob M. Crooker
Waterville, ME  1832-1888
S. Cottle Co.
New York, NY  1877-1917
Founded by Shubael Cottle.  Makers of sterling and gold vanity and novelty items.
J. & I. Cox
New York, NY  1817-1831 and 1833-1852  
Brothers John Cox and James Cox.  Silversmiths and lamp and
hardware importers.  Went by J.  & I. Cox & Clark (see above)
1831-1833.  Succeeded by John Cox & Co. after James's
death in 1852.
Cowles & Albertson
Cleveland, OH  1849-1853
A partnership between Royal Cowles and Joseph Albertson, with Cowles
being the silversmith.
William Cowell  (b. 1682  d. 1736)
Boston, MA  c. 1704-1736
William D. Cowan
Philadelphia, PA  1808 and 1811-1814
R. Cowles & Co.
Cleveland, OH  1857-1871
A partnership between Royal Cowles and Homer Goodwin.
Louis Gabriel Couvertié
Baltimore, MD 1809-1815 and New Orleans, LA 1815-1844
Benjamin F. Crane / Benj. F. Crane & Co.
St. Louis, MO  1842-1861
Partnered with Prince H. Jones in the firm of
Benj. F. Crane & Co. 1858-1861.  The mark shown at the upper right
was used beginning in 1845.
William Cox
Fredericksburg, VA  c. 1825-1855
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Crosby   See A. Cohen & Sons.
Samuel Trevitt Crosby
Boston, MA  1848-1876  
Silversmith, jeweler and watchmaker.  Was involved in numerous partnerships:    
Brackett & Crosby with Jeffrey R. Brackett 1848-1849.
Brackett, Crosby & Brown with Jeffery R. Brackett and Seth E. Brown 1849-1850.
Crosby & Brown with Seth E. Brown 1851-1852.
S.T. Crosby & Co. with Francis Hunnewell in 1859.
Crosby, Hunnewell & Morse with Francis Hunnewell and Henry D. Morse 1860-1863.
Crosby & Morse with Henry D. Morse 1864-1869.
Crosby, Morse & Foss with Henry D. Morse and Charles M. Foss 1869-1875.
Crosby & Foss with Charles M. Foss 1876-1885.
Crosby, Morse & Foss
Boston, MA  1869-1875
Samuel Trevitt Crosby, Henry Dutton Morse and Charles M. Foss.
Crosby, Hunnewell & Morse
Boston, MA  1860-1863  
A partnership between Samuel Trevitt Crosby, Francis Hunnewell
and Henry Dutton Morse.
Jonathan Crosby
Boston, MA 1766-1777 and again 1796-1797; Watertown, MA 1778-1785
Crosby & Morse
Boston, MA  1864-1869  
Samuel T. Crosby and Henry Dutton Morse.  Successor to Crosby,
Hunnewell & Morse; succeeded by Crosby, Morse & Foss.
Crosby & Brown
Boston, MA  1851-1852  
Samuel T. Crosby and Seth E. Brown.  
1908 S. Cottle Co. Ad
Margaret Craver
Wichita, KS 1935-1944 and Boston, MA 1944-1980s  
Headed the Handy & Harmon Workshops 1944-1950.
William Cowell, Jr.  (b. 1713  d. 1761)
Boston, MA  c. 1734-1761
Crosby & Foss
Boston, MA  1876-1885  
Samuel T. Crosby and Charles M. Foss.
Jacob Craft
Shepherdstown, VA  1790-1825
Cottle to Crosby
Cottle to Crosby
1866 Crosby & Morse Advertisement
1856 S.T. Crosby Advertisement
John Cox / John Cox & Co.
New York, NY  1817-1857
Was in the partnershps of James & John Cox 1817-1852 and
John Cox. & Co. c. 1854-1856.
Joseph Cregan
Mobile, AL  c. 1840
John Crawford
New York, NY 1815-1837 and 1844-1845 and
Philadelphia, PA  1844-1845
T.P. Cranson
Poplar Ridge, NY  c. 1820-1840
1925 Chrichton Co. Ad
Royal Cowles
Cleveland, OH 1849-1871 and 1874-1879; New York, NY c. 1873
Was in the partnerships of Cowles & Albertson 1849-1853; R. Cowles & Co.
1857-1871; and Cowles & Ransom with George F. Ransom c. 1874-1875.
In Jan., 1879, Cowles disappeared, and it was thought he had committed suicide.  He was found eleven months
later living in a hospital in St. Clairsville, OH, suffering from total amnesia.  After this he continued to work for
other jewelers, first in Cleveland and later New York City, until shortly before his death in 1897.
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J. & I. Cox & Co.
New York, NY  1831-1833
See J. & I. Cox below.
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