Teunis Denyse Dubois
New York, NY  1794-1820
In the firm of J. & T. Dubois 1795-1797.
Joseph Dubois  
New York, NY  1789-1797  
In the firm of J. & T. Dubois 1795-1797.
Abraham DuBois  (b. 1751  d. 1807)
Philadelphia, PA  1777-1807
His son Abraham Dubois joined him in his business in 1805.  
Upon the senior Dubois' death in 1807, the business was
continued by his widow until 1813.
J. & T. Dubois
New York, NY  1795-1797  
Brothers Joseph Dubois and Teunis Dubois.
Duchin Creations
New York, NY  1940s  
Makers of a large line of sterling holloware.
Theodore Dubosq
Philadelphia, PA  1829-1850 and 1851-1871 and San Francisco, CA 1850
Benjamin Franklin Du Bois
Chester, PA c. 1857-1860 and Philadelphia, PA 1866-1896
Philo Dubois
Buffalo, NY  1841-1884
Samuel Drowne II  (b. 1749 d. 1815)
Portsmouth, NH  c. 1770-1804
Joseph Draper
Wilmington, DE 1826-1832 and Cincinnati, OH 1832-1856
Thomas Pickering Drowne (Drown)
Portsmouth, NH  c. 1804-1819
Dowry Sterling
A trademark of Oneida.  Examples of the patterns under the Dowry
name can later be found under the Oneida-Heirloom name.  
George R. Downing
Newark, NJ; Richmond, VA; and New York, NY  1812-1861
Silversmith and watchmaker.  Downing was involved with many businesses, running
concurrently in different cities at the same time:
Downing & Phelps with Silas Phelps in Newark, NJ 1812-1824.
G.R. Downing & Co. in Richmond, VA, 1818-1819.
G.R. & Benjamin Downing in New York, NY, 1829-1833.
Downing & Baldwin with Sam Baldwin in Newark, NJ, c. 1835-1844.
G.R. Downing & Co. with various partners in New York, NY, 1836-1837 and 1841-1847.
Downing, Hoyt & Canfield in New York, NY, with Henry I. Hoyt and George R. Canfield 1847-1848.
Downing & Hoyt with Henry I. Hoyt in New York, NY, 1849-1850.
G.R. Downing & Co. with his sons George R. Jr. and Theodore R. in New York, NY, 1855-1861.
William A. Dubosq
Philadelphia, PA  1839-1861
Samuel P. Downing
Canadaigua, NY  c. 1817
Benjamin Drowne (Drown)
Portsmouth, NH  1775-1793
Frederick N. Dubois
Chicago, IL  c. 1854-1862
c. 1880 B.F. Du Bois Trade Card
William Drysdale
Philadelphia, PA  1816-1856
Johanna E. Drummond
Baltimore, MD  1867-1868
Duhme & Co.
Cincinnati, OH  1844-1896  
Founded by brothers Herman Duhme and John H. Duhme.  Makers
of sterling flatware, holloware and jewelry.  Changed names in 1896 to
the Duhme Jewelry Co.  See
flatware patterns.
Antoine Dumesnil
Boston, MA c. 1796-1809 and Lexington, KY 1812-1833
Jeremiah Dummer
Boston, MA  1667-c. 1711
John Baptiste Dumoutet
Philadelphia, PA 1793-1813; Trenton, NJ 1797-1799; and Charleston, SC 1802-1813
Silversmith and jeweler.  Businesses were operated simultaneously in Philadelphia and
Charleston from 1802 to 1813.  Dumoutet died in 1813, and the businesses were continued by his widow,
Elizabeth Dumoutet, until 1823.
Downing & Phelps
Newark, NJ  1812-1824   
A partnership between George R. Downing and Silas Phelps.
1892 Duhme & Co. Ad
James Duffel
Philadelphia, PA 1780-1788; Georgetown, SC 1790 and 1798-1801;
New York, NY 1794-1798 and 1801-1802; Fredericksburg, VA 1802-1810;
and Lynchburg, VA 1810-1835
1826 Joseph Draper Ad
Alonzo M. Driscoll
Worcester, MA  c. 1850-1854
Downing to Dumoutet
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René Roche Duché
New York, NY 1795-1808 and Philadelphia, PA 1820-1825
Downing to Dumoutet
Don Drumm
Akron, OH  1960-Present
Artist and sculptor, best known for working in aluminum.
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