Durham Silver Co.
New York, NY  c. 1950s-1960s
Dunkirk Silversmiths
Meriden, CT  c. 1945-1950  
Were the successors to the Gold Recovery &
Refining Corp.  Makers of sterling and silverplated
holloware and novelties.
Bernard Dupuy
Raleigh, NC  1827-1843
Freeman A. Durgin
St. Louis, MO  1858-1911  
Was in the partnership of Durgin & Burtt 1859-1860.
William B. Durgin Co.
Concord, NH  1853-1931
Founded by William B. Durgin; his son George
joined the business in 1880.  In 1905, both Durgin and
his son died.  The company was sold to Gorham in 1905.
The manufacturing operations were moved to Providence, RI,
and merged with Gorham's in 1931.  Gorham continued to
produce under the Durgin name through c. 1940.  Major
manufacturer of sterling and silverplated flatware and holloware.  
flatware patterns.
William C. Dusenberry
New York, NY  1819-1835
William Butler Durgin
Concord, NH
Began silversmithing in 1850.  Starting working as the William B. Durgin
Co. in 1853 which would evolve into a major silver manufacturer (see above).
Dunbar & Story
Worcester, MA  1838-1844  
Rufus Davenport Dunbar and Simeon N. Story.
Durgin & Burtt
St. Louis, MO  1859-1860  
Freeman A. Durgin and Thomas F. Burtt.
Cyrus Durand
Newark, NJ  1814-1815
Shortly after 1815, Durand invented a number of machines for the mechanical
drawing of intricate lines which transformed the banknote engraving industry; he spent the remainder
of his life devoted to this industry.  
Dunlap & Parker
Manchester, NH  1852-1866  
Thomas Dunlap and Amos Parker.
Joseph Dyar (Dyer)
Concord, MA 1820-1821 and
Middlebury, VT 1822-1850
Thomas Dunlap
Manchester, NH  1850-1888  
In the partnerships of Dunlap & Parker 1852-1866; Dunlap & Lovejoy with
James C. Lovejoy in 1864; and Dunlap & Baker with John N. Baker 1870-1883.
Dyer & Eddy
Boston, MA  c. 1805
1891 W.B. Durgin Co. Ad
Dunlap & Baker
Manchester, NH  1870-1883  
Thomas Dunlap and John N. Baker.
Mary Dunhill
A fragrace company founded in the U.K. by Mary Dunhill in 1926.  Sterling perfume
bottles, funnels, compacts, and other small items can be found bearing the company
B.F. Duvall
Woodford County, KY  c. 1860-1870
Dunbar to Dyer
Dunbar to Dyer
Rufus Davenport Dunbar
Worcester, MA 1825-1850 and Columbus, OH 1852-1868  
In the partnerships of Dunbar & Story with Simeon N. Story 1838-1844
and Dunbar & Bangs c. 1848.
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Cary Dunn  (b. 1732)
Underhill, VT c. 1765; New York, NY c. 1765-1776 and 1784-1796;
Morristown, NJ 1776-1782; and Newark, NJ 1782-1783
In the firm of Cary Dunn & Son c. 1786-1791.
Daniel Dupuy  (b. 1719  d. 1807)
Philadelphia, PA  1745-1807  
Was in the firm of Dupuy & Sons 1772-1773.
Daniel Dupuy, Jr. (b. 1753  d.1826)
Philadelphia, PA 1772-1777 and c. 1780-1808 and Reading, PA c. 1777
Was in the firm of Dupuy & Sons c. 1772-1773 and David & Dupuy
with John David, Jr. c. 1798-1808.