Ellmore Silver Co.
Meriden, CT  c. 1935-1960  
Acquired the Amston Silver Co., Concord Silversmiths,
G.H. French & Co., W. & S. Blackinton, and the Frank M.
Whiting Co.  When Ellmore went out of business in 1960, the
flatware dies of F.M. Whiting were sold to the Crown Silver Co.
and the W. & S. Blackinton Co. was sold to Raimond Silver.  
Makers of sterling flatware, holloware, and novelties.
Joseph Thorp Elliston
Nashville, TN  1797-c. 1820  
Was in the partnership of Elliston & Heener in 1802 and Seay & Ellison
c. 1816-1819.  Nashville's first silversmith.  Served as Nashville's fourth
mayor 1814-1817.  Although Elliston continued to own a clock, watchmaking, and jewelery business until 1856,
it is believed he stopped silversmithing around 1820.
Empire Art Silver
New York, NY  1890s-1930  
A division of E&J Bass, Inc.  Made mostly silverplated wares, but
also made some sterling vanity and novelty items.
Thomas Knox Emery
Boston, MA  1802-1813
Empire Crafts Corp.
Newark, NJ  1930s-1950s  
A direct-to-the-consumer marketing firm, selling sterling
flatware under the brand name Royal Crest and silverplate
under  the name Nobility Plate.  The manufacturing was
done by Oneida.  See
flatware patterns.
Empire Silver Co., Inc.
Brooklyn, NY  1946-Present  
Makers of sterling and pewter holloware.  Acquired by Lifetime Brands
in 2014.  
Stephen Emery
Salem, MA  c. 1776-1801
Thomas Eltonhead
Baltimore, MD  1835-1843
George Augustus Eno / G. Eno & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1850-1870  
Was in the partnerships of Bechtel & Eno 1861-1870.
John Elliston
Nashville, TN  1809-1823  
Silversmith and clockmaker.
Thomas P. Emerson
Lafayette, IN  1857-1873
New York, NY  1878-1970  
Makers of quality sterling historic reproduction items.
Henry P. Elias
Cincinnati, OH  1855-1868
Charles T. Emery
Portsmouth, NH  1851-1868
Elfers to Ensko
Alfred H. Ellsworth
Pasadena, CA  1925-1929
P.W. Ellis
Toronto, ON, Canada  1877-1928  
Founded by Philip W. Ellis and Matthew C. Ellis.  
Taken over by Birks in 1928.
Z. & W.S. Elliott
New York, NY  1815-1820  
Zebulon & W.S. Elliott.
William R. Elfers
New York, NY  1897-1932  
Makers of sterling holloware and novelties.
Elgin Silversmiths Co.
New York, NY 1946-1976  
Successor to Redlich & Co.  Acquired Currier & Roby.  
Makers of sterling holloware.
Elgin American Mfg. Co.
Elgin, IL  1887-c. 1965
Makers of sterling vanity items, military insignia,
cigarette cases, novelties and jewelry.  They also made
cigarette cases under the HavOne brand name.  Became a
division of the Illinois Watch Case Co. in the late 1940s.
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Zebulon Elliott
New York, NY 1814-1821; Salisbury, NC 1821-1822;
and Sag Harbor, NY  1822-1848  
In the partnerships of Z. & W.S. Elliott 1815-1820 and
Elliott & Burnham with E.B. Burnham 1821-1822.
John Aaron Elliott
Sharon, CT c. 1809 and c. 1857 and Red Hook, NY c. 1850
Also worked in Michigan.  His mark at right reads JAE.