Ford & Tupper
New York, NY  1868-1875  
Patrick Ford and Jonas Tupper.  Successors to Ford, Tupper & Behan.  
Silversmiths and retailers.
William Garret Forbes
New York, NY  1773-1809  
John Wolfe Forbes
New York, NY  1802-1831  
Silversmith and jeweler.  Was in the partnership of
C. & I.W. Forbes with Colin V.G. Forbes in 1808-1809.
Garret Forbes
New York, NY  1805-1815  
Colin Van Gelder Forbes (b. 1776  d. 1858)
New York, NY  1806-1834  
Was in partnerships of C. & J.W. Forbes in 1819;
Colin V.G. Forbes & Son with William Forbes 1826-1833;
C.V.G. Forbes & Son 1826-1838.  Both father and son may
have used the same mark.
Abraham Gerriste Forbes
New York, NY  1790-1805
C. & I.W. Forbes
New York, NY  1808-1809  
A partnership between Colin Van Gelder Forbes and John Wolfe Forbes.
Orlando C. Forsyth
Brooklyn, NY  c. 1835-1856
Merrit Fordham
New York, NY  c. 1826-1833
In the partnership of Fordham & Forbes c.1826-1828.
James M. Ford
Boston, MA  1836-1891
Leonard Forbes / L. Forbes & Co.
St. Louis, MO  1840-1872  
Went by L. Forbes & Co. c. 1857-1872.
Fletcher & Bennett
Louisville, KY  1853-1870  
A partnership between Henry Fletcher and Charles F. Bennett.  
Henry Fletcher died in 1866, and Bennett continued using the firm name.  
Henry Fletcher
Lexington, KY 1818-1830 and Louisville, KY 1830-1866  
In the firm of Fletcher & Reeves with Abner Reeves 1832-1843
then later Fletcher & Bennett with Charles F. Bennett 1854-1866.
Fletcher & Gardiner
Boston, MA  1808-1810 and Philadelphia, PA 1811-1827  
Partnership of Thomas Charles Fletcher and Sidney Gardiner.  
Joshua Flowers
Nashville, TN  c. 1840-1870
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Laurence Foss
Worked for Georg Jensen in the late 1940s through mid-1950s.  Modernist studio jeweler.
Charles P. Forbes
Greenfield, MA c. 1865-1924
Was in the partnership of Forbes & Foster with Clarence F. Foster
c. 1865-1876.  Silversmith and jeweler.
c. 1885 Charles P. Forbes Trade Card
Fletcher to Foss
Fletcher to Foss
Azro B. Folsom
Athol, MA  c. 1860-1882  
Silversmith and jeweler.
John Jacob Fogle (Fockel)
Milledgeville, GA 1831-1837 and Columbus, GA 1837-1841  
Was in the partnership of Foster & Fogle c. 1835-1837 in Columbus, GA
as an absent partner.  After leaving the silversmith trade, Fogle went on to
become a dentist.
Jabez W. Force
New York, NY  1819-c. 1841  
Was in the partnership of Wood & Force 1838-1841.
Forest Craft Guild
Grand Rapids, MI  1905-c. 1918  
Founded by Forest Emerson Mann.  Produced a wide variety of goods during the
Arts & Crafts era in a variety of metals.
1860 Joshua Flowers Advertisement
Rufus O. Forbush
Worcester, MA  c. 1850-1860  
Was in the partnership of Forbush & Maynard with Clarendon Maynard in
Thomas Fletcher
Boston, MA 1808-1811 and Philadelphia, PA 1811-1850
Was in the firms of Fletcher & Gardiner 1808-1827
and Fletcher & Bennett 1837-1839.
Eugene B. Floyd
Springfield, MA c. 1865; Burlington, VT 1865-1870; Atlanta, GA 1871-1873;
and Providence, RI 1875-1889
Was in the partnership of E.B. Floyd & Co. with William Kirkham 1865-1866.
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C. & G. Fletcher
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1819-1824
William Forbes
New York, NY  1826-1863  
Was in the partnership of Colin V.G. Forbes & Son
with his father Colin Van Gelder Forbes 1826-1838.