J.F. Fradley & Co.
New York, NY  1883-1936
Founded by Joseph F. Fradley, who began working in 1867 and started
producing sterling goods in 1873.  Makers of sterling holloware, vanity
items, and novelties.
Robert Frazer, Sr.  (b. 1770  d. 1851)
Paris, KY  c. 1799 and Lexington, KY 1799-1851  
In partnership with Thomas Phillips as Phillips & Frazier c. 1799.
George Franciscus, Jr.
Baltimore, MD 1810-1818 and Lancaster, PA 1819-1840
Nathaniel Francis
New York, NY  1804-1827
Edward Francis
Leesburg, VA 1828-1835; Raymond, MS 1837-1850; Brandon, MS 1860;
and Henderson, TX 1870-1879
Alexander Frazer
Philadelphia, PA c. 1795-1798; Paris, KY 1799-1801; and Lexington, KY 1801-1810
Was in the partnership of Frazer & Phillips with Thomas Phillips in 1799.
Robert Frazer, Jr.
Lexington, KY  1800-1860
Theodore W. Foster & Bros. Co.
Providence, RI  1898-1951  
Successors to Foster & Bailey.  Makers of gold, sterling, and silverplate novelties
and jewelry.
Foster & Bailey
Providence, RI   1878-1898  
Successor to White, Foster & Co. and a precursor to the Theodore W. Foster &
Bro. Co. who continued to use the F&B flag mark for a while.  Makers of sterling
novelties and vanity items.
N. & T. Foster
Newburyport, MA  1823-1887  
A partnership between Nathaniel Foster and Thomas Foster.
Joseph Foster
Boston, MA  c. 1785-1839
Foster & Purple
Columbus, GA  1844-1845  
Partnership of William Foster and
Samuel B. Purple.  Silversmiths and jewelers.
Fowle & Kirkland
Northampton, MA  1828-1833  
Nathaniel Fowle and Samuel Kirkland.
Thomas Foster
Newburyport, MA  1823-1860  
In the partnership of N. & T. Foster 1823-1860.
John T. Fox
Rochester, NY  c. 1841-c. 1891
Was a partner in the firm of C.A. Burr & Co. 1857-1863.
Foxcroft & Clark
Baltimore, MD  1831-1839
A partnership between James A. Foxcroft and
Gabriel Duvall Clark.
Nathaniel Fowle  
Northampton, MA  c. 1816-1833
John H. Fowle
Northampton, MA  c. 1840-1882
1899 Theodore W. Foster & Brothers Co. Ad
1893 J.F. Fradley & Co. Ad
The Franklin Mint
Franklin Center, PA  1963-Present  
Founded by Joseph M. Segel.  Producers of currency for foreign countries.  
Makers of a wide array of limited edition art and commemorative and items.
Foster to Frederick
Foster & Richards
New York, NY  1815
John Foster and Thomas Richards.
John Foster
New York, NY  1809-1818
A partner in the firm of Foster & Richards with Thomas Richards in 1815.
James Alexander Foxcroft
Baltimore, MD  1822-1839
Was in the partnership of Foxcroft & Clark 1831-1839.
William N. Frederick
Chicago, IL  1959-Present
Highly regarded silversmith, primarily producing ecclesiastic silver
and ceremonial objects.
Elliot K. Foster
Indianapolis, IN  1830-c. 1840
Silversmith, clockmaker, and jeweler.  Involved in the partnerships
of D.A. Webb & Co. with Daniel A. Webb 1833-1835 and later
Foster & Talbott with Washington H. Talbott c. 1838-1840.
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Foster to Frederick
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Henry C. Foster
Worcester, MA c. 1859-1862 and Boston, MA c. 1863 and 1886-1890
John Foster  (1797-1858)
Winchester, VA 1816-1823 and 1826-1831; Harrisonburg, VA 1823; Woodstock,
VA 1825-1826; Martinsburg, VA (now WV), 1831-1835; Williamsport, MD
1836-c. 1840; Clearspring, MD 1842; and Hancock, MD 1850-1858
Was in the partnership of Phillips & Foster with William Phillips 1817-1820.
Gilbert Fowler
New York, NY  1825-1830