Lewis Fuerter
New York, NY  1769-1783
John Fries
Philadelphia, PA  1830-1874
Clemens Friedell
Pasadena, CA  1912-1920 and 1928-1963  
Important maker of quality handwrought sterling holloware and jewelry.
G.H. French & Co.
North Attleboro, MA  1920-1939  
Makers of sterling flatware and holloware and novelties.  Acquired by
the Ellmore Silver Co.
French & Franklin Mfg. Co.
North Attleboro, MA  1889-c. 1898  
Makers of sterling flatware, holloware, and novelties.
Norman A. Freeman
New York, NY  1842-1862  
In the partnership of Freeman & Wallin with James and Samuel Wallin 1842-1845.  In the partnership of
Freeman & Bennett with Edwin Bennett 1853-1862.
Frost Arts & Crafts Workshops
Dayton, OH  1906-c.1920  
Founded by George W. Frost.  Produced handwrought wares in the Arts & Craft style
in a variety of metals, including sterling.
Benjamin C. Frobisher
Boston, MA  1816-1842  
In the partnership of Stodder & Frobisher with Jonathan Stodder 1816-1825.
Ferdinand Fuchs & Bros.
New York, NY  1884-1922  
Founded by Ferdinand and Rudolph Fuchs, with Richard Fuchs heading up sales.  
Fuchs & Beiderhase
New York, NY  1891-1896  
Founded by Rudolph Fuchs and George Beiderhase.  Acquired by the Alvin Corp.  
Makers of sterling holloware, novelties and vanity items.
Noel Freeborn
Newport and North Kingstown, RI 1810-1865
Joseph M. Freeman
Norfolk, VA  1828-1871
Silversmith and jeweler.  Was involved in a number of businesses:
Freeman & Pollard with Lewis Ross Pollard 1831-1835.
J.M. Freeman & Co. with Fitch W. Burwell 1843-1844.
J.M. Freeman & Sons with sons Joseph M. Jr. and William 1850-1854.
J.M. Freeman & Son with son Joseph M. Jr. 1854-1857.
J.M. Freeman & Son with son Arthur 1870-1871.  Freeman retired in 1871 and Arthur continued in
business until his death in 1908.
Freeman & Wallin
New York, NY  1842-1845  
Norman A. Freeman and Samuel Wallin.
Freeman & Bennett
New York, NY  1853-1862  
Norman A. Freeman and Edwin Bennett.
John W. Fryer
Albany, NY  c. 1784-1819  
In the partnership of Balch & Fryer with Joseph Balch c. 1784.
Philip Heartt Furman
Schenectady, NY 1821-1845
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
Elsie Freund
Eureka Springs, AR  1940s-1995  
Modernist studio jeweler.  Her "Elsa" mark is a shortening of her business
name "Elsaramics".
J. & P. Fries
Philadelphia, PA  1837
John and Phineas Fries.
1894 Ferd. Fuchs & Bros. Ad
Isadore V. Friedman
Chicago, IL  1920s  
Made handwrought sterling items in the Arts & Crafts style.  Many of Friedman's
pieces also bear the mark of the Hull House Shops, which was an industrial museum
where various crafts were carried on as demonstrations.
1891 Fuchs & Beiderhase Advertisement
Freeborn to Fuselli
Freeborn to Fuselli
Daniel Christian Fuerter
New York, NY 1754-1765; Southbury, CT 1765-1768; and New York, NY 1769
John Frick Jewelry Co.
New York, NY  c. 1910-Present
Makers of sterling medals, trophies, and miscellaneous small items.
Fuselli & McGoodwin
Bowling Green, KY  c. 1873-1875  
Peter Fuselli and Isaac D. McGoodwin.
Samuel H. Freeman
Trenton, TN 1858-1861; Iola, KS 1869-1873; and Chanute, KS 1873-1881  
In the partnership of Freeman & Spencer with T.W. Spencer in 1861.
August H. Fuchsel
Alexandria, VA  1850-1861
Ebenezer Frothingham (Frotheringham)
Boston, MA  c. 1779
Phineas Fries
Philadelphia, PA  1837-1861
In the partnership of J. & P. Fries in 1837 and
P. Fries & Son with Edgar Fries 1866-1894.
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David C. Fulton
Louisville, KY 1838-1841 and Little Rock, AR 1842-1862
Silversmith and jeweler.
David H. Friend
Athens, AL  1818-1877
Freeman & Pollard
Norfolk, VA  1831-1835
Joseph M. Freeman and Lewis R. Pollard.