Goldman Silversmiths Co.
New York, NY  c. 1940-1945  
Makers of sterling holloware and Judaica.
Nicholas Goddard  (b. 1773  d. 1823)
Rutland, VT  1797-1823  
Partnered with Benjamin Lord in the firm of Lord & Goddard 1797-1807.
D. Goddard & Son
Worcester, MA  c. 1845-1852
Daniel Goddard and son Luther Daniel Goddard.
Horace Goodwin
Hartford, CT  1810-1852  
Was in the partnerships of Goodwin & Dodd with Goodwin 1811-1821
and then H. & A. Goodwin with his brother Allyn Goodwin 1821-1825.
Goodnow & Jenks
Boston, MA  1893-1905
Founded by Walter R. Goodnow and Barton P. Jenks.  Succeeded by
Goodnow & Co. when Jenks left to become president of the Wm. B. Durgin
Co. in 1905.
Josiah Gooding
Boston, MA  1836-1870  
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
Henry Gooding
Duxbury, MA  c. 1815 and Boston, MA 1818-1856  
Silversmith and watchmaker.
John Goodhue, Jr.
Salem, MA  1822-1855; San Francisco, CA 1856-1861; and
Stockton, CA 1867-1870  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Daniel Treadwell Goodhue
Providence, RI  1824-1870  
Was in the partnership of D.T. Goodhue & Son with son George B. Goodhue 1847-1865.
George Gordon
St. John, NB 1798-1799; Newburgh, NY 1800-1824; and
New York, NY  1827-1830
Alexander S. Gordon
New York, NY  c. 1795-1803  
A partner in the firm of A. & J. Gordon c. 1800.
Goodwin & Dodd
Hartford, CT  1811-1821  
A partnership between Horace Goodwin and
Thomas Dodd.
Luther Daniel Goddard
Worcester, MA  1840-1857
Was in the partnership of D. Goddard & Son with his father Daniel Goddard
c. 1845-1852.
Daniel Goddard
Worcester, MA  1817-1852
In the partnership of P. & D. Goddard with his brother Parley Goddard
c. 1825-1829.  Rufus D. Dunbar joined the firm and the name was changed to P. & D. Goddard & Co. until
1842.  Was in the partnership D. Goddard & Co. 1834-1845 and also D. Goddard & Son 1845-1852.  
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Goldsmith, Stern & Co.
New York, NY  1912-1933  
Began as a thimble and jewelry manufacturing business when the
firm of Stern Bros. & Co. was divided into two companies.   Stern
Bros. used the anchor mark prior to 1912.
Allyn Goodwin
Hartford, CT  1821-1852  
In the partnership of H. & A. Goodwin with his brother Horace Goodwin
1821-1825.  Continued working after 1852 as a silverplater.
Nathan W. Goddard
Nashua, NH  1841-1879  
In the partnership of N.W. Goddard & Son c. 1864-1870.
Philip Goelet
New York, NY  c. 1721-1748
D. Goddard & Co.
Worcester, MA  c. 1834-1845
Goddard to Gordon
Julian Goodenow
New York, NY  1940s-1950s
Goodrich & Vosburg
Milwaukee, WI  1852-1853
Goddard to Gordon
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Benjamin Goddard
Boston, MA c. 1830 and Worcester, MA c. 1834-1845
Was in the partnershp of B. Goddard & Co. with Frank A. Knowlton
Silas H. Goodnow
Fitchburg, MA  c. 1835-1844 and 1847-1858 8 and
Boston, MA c. 1844-1846  
Was in the partnership of Goodnow & Burbank with Charles W. Burbank
in Boston c. 1845 and later in Fitchburg the firm of Goodnow & Smith.