Gorham & Thurber
Providence, RI  1850-1852  
John Gorham and Gorham Thurber.
J. Gorham & Son
Providence, RI  1841-1850  
Partnership between Jabez Gorham and his son John Gorham.  
Gorham & Co.
Providence, RI  1852-1865  
Gorham Manufacturing Co.  
Providence, RI  1865-Present
Company history
Gorham date marks
Flatware patterns
Gra-Wun Studio
Scottsdale, AZ  1959-2001  
Founded by Ray Graves.  Maker of sterling handwrought jewelry and small items,
much of it in the modernist style.
Graff, Washbourne & Dunn
New York, NY  1899-1961
Founded by Charles Graff, William Washbourne, and
Clarence Dunn.  They acquired Wood & Hughes in 1899.  
Graff, Washbourne & Dunn was acquired by Gorham in 1961.  
Makers of sterling flatware, holloware, and novelties.  See
flatware patterns.
Gorham, Webster & Price
Providence, RI  1837-1841
Gorham & Webster
Providence, RI  1831-1837  
Jabez Gorham and Henry L. Webster.
Gowdey & Peabody
Nashville, TN  1843-1847  
A partnership between Thomas Gowdey and John Peabody; Peabody was
the silversmith.
James Gould
Baltimore, MD  1816-1867  
In the partnerships of Gelston & Gould with Hugh Gelston 1816-1821;
Gould, Stowell & Ward with A. Stowell and William H. Ward 1853-1857;
and Gould & Ward with William H. Ward 1857-1860.
Miles Gorham  (b. 1747  d. 1847)
New Haven, CT  1790-1840
Richard Gove  (b. 1815  d. 1883)
Laconia, NH  1833-1883  
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
Coming Soon
Graf & Niemann
Pittsburgh, PA  1890-1915
Jewelers; patented a fork for instructing young children how to correctly hold their utensils.  
See photos.
Gould & Ward
Baltimore, MD  1857-1860  
James Gould and William H. Ward.
Gould, Stowell & Ward
Baltimore, MD  1853-1857  
James Gould, A. Stowell, and William H. Ward.
Samuel Graves
Auburn, NY 1816-1823 and Batavia, NY 1824-1826  
Was a partner in the firm of Graves & Fitch with James Fitch 1816-1821.
Gorham to Gra-Wun
William Grant
Boston, MA 1821-1835 and Dedham, MA 1835-1836
Was in the partnership of William Grant & Co. with Nathaniel Kimball
Gould & Lewis Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1940s  
Dudley M. Gould and Alexander E. Lewis.
Thomas Grant  (1729-1804)
Marblehead, MA  1752-1790
1907 Gorham Ad
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Gorham to Gra-Wun
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Rene L. Gravelle
Philadelphia, PA  1810-1831
Hattie Gorney  (1890-1976)
Boston, MA  1910s-1920s
Silversmith and jeweler.  Gorney would go on to found a
large chain of beauty parlors.