David Greenleaf, Jr.  (b. 1765  d. 1835)
Hartford, CT  1788-1811
In the partnership of Greenleaf & Oakes with Frederick Oakes 1804-1807.
Gilbert Greene
Lancaster, MA  1839; Manchester, NH c. 1845;
and Clinton, MA  1845-1875
Was in the partnership of Greene & Pierce
with Walter W. Pierce 1860-1861.
Robert Gray
Portsmouth, NH  1813-1860
George Gray
Dover, NH  1826-1865
Gray & Libby
Boston, MA  1850-1881  
William Henry Gray and ? Libby.
Gregg & Hayden  (See Hayden, Gregg & Co.)
Green Duck Co.
Chicago, IL  c. 1933-1934  
Made sterling and silverplated souvenir spoons for the
Century of Progress World's Fair.
C.F. Greenwood & Bro.
Norfolk, VA  
Two different businesses operated as C.F. Greenwood & Bro.,
first with Charles F. Greenwood and his brother Martin Greenwood, Jr.
1851-1853 and later Charels F. Greenwood with his brother Frederick Greenwood 1866-1904.
Charles F. Greenwood
Norfolk, VA  1847-1904
Was in the firm of C.F. Greenwood & Bro 1851-1853 and again
1891 Greenleaf & Crosby Ad
Greenleaf & Crosby
Jacksonville, FL  1888-c. 2005
Originally founded as Greenleaf & Co. in 1880 by Damon Greenleaf
and John W. Pomeroy and succeeded by Greenleaf & Crosby in 1888.
Primarily a jeweler, made souvenir spoons in the 1890s to 1920s.
Josiah B. Greene (Green)
Leesburg, VA  1847-1850  Silversmith and watchmaker, Greene
sold his business in 1850 and moved to California.
Thomas Gray
Lexington, KY  1818-1823
George M. Griffen
Troy, NY  c. 1827-1829; Athens, GA c. 1839-1841; and Savannah, GA c. 1852-1857  
In partnership with C.B. Griffen as G.M. & C.B. Griffen c. 1827-1829.
Peter Griffen
Albany and New York, NY  1809-1845
In the partnership of Griffen & Hoyt with Walter B. Hoyt c. 1819-1832
then in the partnership of Griffen & Son 1832-1835.
Griffen & Hoyt
Albany, NY  1819-1832  
A partnership between Peter Griffen , Walter B. Hoyt, and
Seymour Hoyt.
Francis A. Greshoff
Baltimore, MD  1858-1886
Michael Gretter
Richmond, VA  1809-1818
Gray to Griffen
Benjamin Greene
Boston, MA  1740-1760
Rufus Greene
Boston, MA  1728-1760
William Gregg
Petersburg, VA (now WV) 1821-1823; Vincennes, IN 1823;
Columbia, SC 1824-c. 1834; and Charleston, SC 1838-1852
Was in the partnership of Gregg & Veal with John Veal, Sr. 1824-1827.  Gregg
retired in 1831 due to poor health but resumed the silversmithing trade upon his move to Charleston, SC,
in 1838.  He joined up with brothers Nathaniel and H. Sidney Hayden to form the firm of Hayden, Gregg &
Co. (also going by the shortened name Hayden & Gregg) 1838-1843.  Nathaniel left in 1843 and the firm
name became Gregg & Hayden 1843-1846.  Another brother, Augustus H. Hayden, was added to the
partnership in 1846 and the name then became Gregg, Hayden & Co. 1846-1852.  Gregg left the business
in 1852 and was continued as Hayden, Bros. & Co. until 1855.
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Gray to Griffen
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Greene & Pierce
Clinton, MA  1860-1861
Gilbert Greene and Walter W. Pierce.
Horatio N. Greene
Owego, NY 1852-1854 and Mansfield, OH c. 1855-1870