Horton & Rikeman
Savannah, GA  1850-1856
Humphrey P. Horton  Silversmiths, watchmakers, and jewelers.
Samuel M. Hopper
Philadelphia, PA  1834-1859
Stephen Hopkins  (b. 1721  d. 1796)
Waterbury, CT  1744-1780
David Large Hope
Knoxville, TN  1852-1869
Purchased Samuel Bell's business in 1852.
Humphrey P. Horton
New London, CT  c. 1849-1850 and Savannah, GA  1850-1860  
In the partnership of Horton & Rikeman 1850-1856.
Benjamin C. Hopper
Philadelphia, PA  1844-1890
Hope Silver Co.   See G.W. Parks Company
Joseph W. Hopkins
Waterbury, CT  c. 1755-1780
Howard & Cockshaw Co. / Herbert Cockshaw
New York, NY  1885-1937
Howard & Cockshaw was in business 1885-1912.  Succeeded by Herbert
Cockshaw in 1912 then Herbert Cockshaw Jr. by 1936.  The same mark was
used throughout.
Howard Sterling Co.
Providence, RI  1891-1901
Successor to Howard & Son and The Sterling Co.  Makers of sterling
flatware, holloware and souvenir spoons.  Many of their pattern dies
were acquired by the Roger Williams Silver Co.  See
flatware patterns.
Howard & Co.
New York, NY 1866-1937
Branch stores were located in Newport, RI (1880 to 1937) and Paris, France.
Hotchkiss & Schreuder
Syracuse, NY  1857-1895
David Hotchkiss and Andrew B. Schreuder.  Hotchkiss left the company in 1871
and Schreuder continued to use the H&S mark.  Made mostly sterling flatware,
some holloware.  Purchased by the Syracuse Silver Mfg. Co.  The marks to the
right utilizing the H&S in circles was used 1857-1864.  The H&S shown in the
bottom position was used after 1864.
David Hotchkiss
Palmyra, NY 1825-1849 and Syracuse, NY 1849-1871
Worked independently 1825-1840.  Was in the firm of Hotchkiss &
Norton with Benjamin R. Norton in Palmyra 1841-1849.  Was one of
the founders of Hotchkiss & Schreuder in 1857 and remained in the firm until 1871.
John Houlton
Philadelphia, PA c. 1794-1798 and Baltimore, MD 1799-1801
In the partnership of Brown & Brown with Liberty Brown in 1799.
John K. Housel
Lewisburg, PA 1823-1845 and Freeport, IL  c. 1850-1860
Silversmith, watch, and clockmaker.
Hovey, Parker & Co.
Manchester, NH  1850-1852  
A partnership between Stanford Hovey and Amos Parker.
Hotchkiss & Norton
Palmyra, NY  1841-1849
David Hotchkiss and Benjamin R. Norton.
1899 Howard Sterling Co. Ad
1914 Howard & Co. Ad
Hope to Howard
Hope to Howard
Hottenroth & Cachot
Bardstown, KY  1813-1817
Ignatus Hottenroth and Felix Ferjeaux Cachot.
Stanford Hovey
Manchester, NH  1850-1869
In the partnerships of Hovey, Parker & Co. with Amos Parker 1850-1852
and Stanford Hovey & Co. 1854-1869.
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