George C. Howe / George C. Howe & Co.
New York, NY  1827-1841
Was in the partnership of Stebbins & Howe with
Edwin Stebbins 1827-1831 and the firm of Howe &
Guion 1839-1840.  Worked under the name of
George C. Howe & Co. 1837-1838 and again 1841-1842.
Howe & Guion
New York, NY  1839-1840  
George C. Howe and John Guion.
Hoyt, Badger & Dillon
New York, NY  1859-1865
A partnership between Seymour Hoyt, James Badger,
and Joseph Dillon.
George A. Hoyt & Son
Albany, NY  1845-1846  
A partnership between George Anson Hoyt and his son George Barnum Hoyt.
Seymour Hoyt
New York, NY  1817-1865
Involved with the partnerships of Whitney & Hoyt with Ebenezer
Whitney 1832-1841; S. Hoyt & Co. with William H. Hoyt 1842-1843
and 1854-1859; and Hoyt, Badger & Dillon 1860-1865.
George Anson Hoyt
Albany, NY  1819-1846
Was in the partnerships George A. Hoyt & Co. 1829-1833 and
George A. Hoyt & Son 1845-1846.
S. Hoyt & Co.
New York, NY  1851-1859  
Seymour Hoyt, James M. Badger, and Joseph J. Dillon.
James Albert Hoyt
Troy, NY 1838-1850 and
Saratoga Springs, NY c. 1855-1887
George Barnum Hoyt
Middletown, CT 1829 and Albany, NY 1830-1850  
Was in the partnerships Hoyt & Kippen c. 1830; Boyd & Hoyt with
William Boyd 1830-1832; and later George A. Hoyt & Son with his father
George A. Hoyt 1845-1846.
Henry Hoyt
New York, NY  1828-1836
Silas White Howell
Morristown, NJ 1793-1797 and Albany, NY  1797-1801  
In the firm of Howell & Arnold 1797-1798 then later in partnership with
Joseph Hall in the firm of Howell & Hall in 1801.
James Howell / J. Howell & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1800-1813
In the partnership of J. Richardson & Co. with Joseph Richardson 1801-1813.  
Operated under the business name of J. Howell & Co. c. 1800.  Master
to Samuel Kirk c. 1810.
Benoni H. Howell
Newburgh, NY 1835-1839 and 1850-1852; Buffalo, NY 1839-1849
Henry Hudson
Louisville, KY  1841-1888
In the partnership of Hudson & Dolfinger with Jacob
Dolfinger 1853-1856.
Hudson & Dolfinger
Louisville, KY  1853-1856
Henry Hudson and Jacob Dolfinger.
Haddon Hufford
Irvington, NY and Frenchtown, MT  c. 1995-Present
Hughes & Hall
Middletown, CT  c. 1840-1850
Edmund Hughes
Hampton, CT 1804 and Middletown, CT 1805-1827
Was involved in a number of partnerships:
Ward & Hughes with John Ward 1805-1806.
Hughes & Bliss with Jonathan Bliss in 1806.
Hughes & Francis with Julius C. Francis 1806-1809.
Christopher Hughes
Baltimore, MD  1771-1790
Hughes was a partner in the business of Christopher Hughes & Co. with
John Carnan 1773-1774.
Jeremiah Hughes
Annapolis, MD  c. 1805-1820
William Hughes
Baltimore, MD  1773-1791
Howe to Hughes
Howe to Hughes
Paul Howell
New York, NY  1805-1812
Silversmith and watchmaker.  Was in the partnership of Eoff & Howell
with Garrett Eoff 1805-1807.
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Joseph Huggins
Philadelphia, PA 1837; Baltimore, MD 1840-1842;
Washington, DC 1850; Richmond, VA 1855