Hull Silver
Stainless steel flatware maker who made many patterns under
different brand names.  Hull made one sterling pattern called
John Hull c. 1935 in honor of one of the men who opened the first
mint in the American colonies in 1652.
Hunt-Hallmark Co.
New York, NY  1954-?  
A merger between the Hunt Silver Co. and Hallmark Silversmiths.
Richard Humphreys
Wilmington, DE 1771-1772 and Philadelphia, PA  1772-1791
Hunt & Clark
Bennington, VT  1795-1803
Jonathan Hunt and Horatio Clark.
Hunt Silver Company
New York, NY and Chicago, IL  1930s-1954  
Makers of sterling holloware.
Smith Hunsicker
Shepherdstown, VA  1832-1835
Daniel S. Hulett
Schenectady, NY  c. 1833-1849  
Hulett's retailer mark is shown at right.
T.B. Humphreys & Son
Richmond, VA  1849-1855  
Thomas B. Humphreys, Jr. and son Thomas F. Humphreys.
John Hull
Boston, MA  c. 1647-1683  
In the parntership of Hull & Sanderson with Robert Sanderson 1652-1683.
Gurdon W. Hull
Wallingford, CT  c. 1855-1866  
Went on to become one of the founding partners of Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co., and
would continue to be associated with the firm until his death in 1894.
Hyde & Nevins
New York, NY  1813-1820
James Nevins Hyde and Rufus L. Nevins.
Huntington & Laboyteaux
Cincinnati, OH  1850-1856  
William C. Huntington and Isaac N. Laboyteaux.
Philip Huntington
Norwich, CT  1795-1825
Elihu Hill Huntington
Saint Albans, VT  1862-1880  
In the firm of Wyman & Huntington with his master Charles Wyman
1862-1868.  Silversmith and jeweler.
Huntington & Packard
Springfield, MA  c. 1811-1814
A partnership between Richard Huntington and Jonathan Packard.
S. Huntington
Portland, ME  1850s
Richard Huntington
Springfield, MA 1811-1823 and Utica, NY 1823-1855
Was in the partnership of Huntington & Packard c. 1811-1814.
Nicholas Hutchins
Baltimore, MD  1810-1829
Samuel Hutchinson
Philadelphia, PA  1828-1839
Hyde & Goodrich
New Orleans, LA  1828-1861  
James Nevins Hyde and Charles Whiting Goodrich.  Hyde
withdrew in 1837 Goodrich continued with under the same name
until his death in 1859.  Partners of Goodrich continued the firm
until 1861.  Primarily importers and retailers, it is believed James
Hyde did some silversmithing.  Succeeded by Thomas, Griswold & Co.
Henry S. Hyman
New York, NY 1821-1832 and Richmond, VA 1835-1855
Jacob Hurd
Boston, MA  1723-1755 and Roxbury, MA 1755-1758
Benjamin Hurd
Boston, MA c. 1761-1769 and Halifax, NS 1769-1781
Lewis Hyman
Richmond, VA  1845-1867 and New York, NY 1867-1899  
Was a partner in the business of Hyman & Co. 1845-1846 and Hyman &
Pyle 1855-1856.
Hulett to Hyman
Hulett to Hyman
Huntington & Wynne
Charlotte, NC  1827-1828
John Huntington and Robert Wynne.
James Hutchinson
Martinsburg, VA (now WV)  1823-1854
Silversmith and watchmaker.
John Strangeways Hutton
New York, NY 1720 and Philadelphia, PA 1735-c. 1781
Hutton became semi-retired in the 1740s, but would continue to occasionally produce
silver goods through the at least 1781.
Stephen Hussey
Baltimore, MD  1818-1830
Lemuel Huntoon, Jr.
Springfield, MA 1840-1862 and Lawrence, MA 1864-1886  
Was in the firm of L. Huntoon & Son with son George L. Huntoon c. 1880-1886.
Isaac Hutton
Albany, NY  1790-1817
Was in the partnership of Folsom & Hutton with John Folsom
1786-1790 and later the partnership of I. & G. Hutton with
George Hutton 1796-1817.
Nathaniel M. Hyatt
Eufaula, AL  1842-1883
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