S. Hammond & Co.
Utica, NY  c. 1810  
Seneca Hammond.
Hamilton & Diesinger
Philadelphia, PA  1881-1899  
Founded by Matthew Hamilton and Herman
Diesigner.  Successors to Hamilton & Davis; shut down upon the retirement of Hamilton.  
Makers of sterling flatware, holloware and souvenir spoons.  Succeeded by
M.F. Hamilton & Son.
Hamilton Silver Mfg. Co.
New York, NY  c. 1900-1912  
Acquired by T.N. Benedict Mfg. Co.
Jabez Halsey
New York, NY  1785-1796  
In the partnership of Dalley & Halsey with Philip Dally 1787-1789.
Thomas Hammersley
New York, NY  1756-1769
M.F. Hamilton & Son
Philadelphia, PA  1899-1909  
Successors to Hamilton & Diesinger.
Hamilton & Hamilton, Jr.
Providence, RI  1883-1933
Founded by Ralph Spence Hamilton and his son Ralph S.
Hamilton, Jr.  Successor to Hamilton & Hunt.  Primarily
manufacturing jewelers, also made cigarette cases and novelties.
N. Harding & Co.
Haverhill, MA  1851-1889  
Founded by Newell Harding, Francis L. Harding,
Alexander H. Lewis and Lewis Kimball.  
Newell Harding  (b. 1799  d. 1862)
Boston, MA  1822-1862
Was in the partnership of N. Harding & Co. 1851-1862.  Master to
William B. Durgin.
Stephen Hardy
Boston, MA and Portsmouth, NH  c. 1803-1827  
Was an apprentice to Paul Revere.
William Hardman
Lexington, KY  c. 1839-1840
Johnson Arad Hardy
Bradford, VT  1827-1874
William W. Hannah
Geneva, NY c. 1842; Albany, NY c. 1848
and Hudson, NY 1851-1868
Handicraft Shop
Boston, MA  1901-c. 1946  
Founded as part of the Boston Society of Arts and Crafts.  The
Handicraft Shop employed silversmiths and served as a launching
pad for such as Frans Gyllenberg, George Gebelein, Mary C. Knight,
and Karl Leinonen among others.
Handicraft Guld
Minneapolis, MN  1904-1918  
Founded and operated by woman silversmiths producing handwrought
items in the Arts & Crafts style.
Andrew Hanford
Peekskill, NY  c. 1820-1830
James Hansell
Philadelphia, PA  1816-1859
Hand & Hammer Silversmiths
Woodbridge, VA  1979-Present  
Founded by William L. deMatteo, son Chip deMatteo, and
Phil Thorp.  Makers of sterling jewelry and well known for
their annual Christmas ornaments which were started in 1987.  
Halsey to Hardy
Halsey to Hardy
J.B. Hamlin
North Bridgton, ME  1940s-1970s  
Primarily a pewtersmith, trained under Lauritis Christian Eichner.
Hamilton & Davis
Philadelphia, PA  1876-1881
Matthew F. Hamilton and Junius H. Davis.  Succeeded by Hamilton & Diesinger.
William Hamlin
Middletown, CT 1791-1795 and
Providence, RI 1795-c. 1860
Silversmith, engraver, and nautical instrument maker.
Was in the partnership of W. & J.H. Hamlin with his brother
John H. Hamlin 1809-1819.
James Brandon Hampton
Salisbury, NC  1822-1832
Was in the partnership of Hampton & Palmer with John C. Palmer 1830-1832.
Silversmith and jeweler.
1897 Hamilton & Hamilton Jr. Advertisement
Hansel, Sloan & Co.
Hartford, CT  1889-1918  
Charles R. Hansel and Frederick H. Sloan.  Primarily retailers.
George Hanners, Sr.  (c. 1696-1740)
Boston, MA  1717-1740
George Hanners, Jr.  (1721-1760)
Boston, MA  c. 1742-1760
1891 Hansel, Sloan & Co. Ad
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John Hancock
Charlestown and Boston, MA 1753-1770 and Oxford, MD 1770-1784
Lucius Rufus Handerson
Concord, NH 1840-1845 and c. 1860-1864;
Worcester, MA c. 1847-1852; and Vergennes, VT 1870-1880
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.
Hardy & Hayes
Pittsburgh, PA  1887-2003
Founded by J. Alex Hardy and Harry B. Hayes.  
Jewelers and silversmiths.