Hart & Wilcox
Norwich, CT  1805-1807
Judah Hart and Alvan Wilcox.
Hart & Brewer
Middletown, CT  1800-1803  
A partnership of Judah Hart and Charles Brewer.
Hart & Smith
Baltimore, MD  1814-1816
William Hart and John Smith.
Harris & Stanwood
Boston, MA  1839-1842 and 1847-1849
William Harris and Henry Burrill Stanwood.  
George B. Foster was a member of the firm 1842-1847,
changing the name to Harris, Stanwood & Co. during this
period.  A precursor to Shreve, Crump & Low Co.
Thomas Harland
Norwich, CT  c. 1773-1807  
Silversmith and watchmaker.  Harland mark also used by son Henry.
Herman J. Harris
Troy, NY  c. 1833-1852
In the partnership of Harris & Wilcox c. 1844-1852.
Harris & Lemon
Louisville, KY  1830-1831
John C. Harris and James I. Lemon.  Succeeded by Lemon & Kendrick.
Samuel Harrington
Amherst, MA  1841-c. 1852  
Was in the partnership of Prevear & Harrington
with Edward Prevear 1841-1842.
Harland & Blair
New Orleans, LA  1830-1834
Henry Harland and Daniel Blair.
Eliphaz Hart
Norwich, CT c. 1810-c. 1825
Was in the partnerships of Hart & Hart with his brother Judah Hart c. 1810-1816.
Henry Harper
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1857-1887  
R. Harris & Co.
Washington, DC  1874-c. 1945  
Manufacturing jewelers and silversmiths.
Hartford Sterling Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1900-1930s  
Makers of some sterling holloware; mostly silverplate.
Harting & Kroesing
Lexington, KY  1867-c.1872  
William Harting and Adolph Joseph Kroesing.
Judah Hart (Hartt)
Berlin, CT c. 1803; Middletown, CT c. 1803-1804; Norwich, CT c. 1805-1807;
Griswald, MD c. 1816; and Brownsville, OH  c. 1822  
Involved in a number of businesses:
Hart & Brewer with Charles Brewer 1800-1803.  
Hart & Bliss with Jonathan Bliss 1803-1804.  
Hart & Wilcox with Alvan Wilcox 1805-1807.  
Hart & Hart with brother Eliphaz Hart c. 1810-1816.  
Walter Ward Hart
Freehold, NJ 1829-1849 and Philadelphia, PA 1849-1865
William Hart
Baltimore, MD 1814-1816 and Philadelphia, PA before 1814 and 1818-1824  
Was a partner in the firm of Hart & Smith with John Smith 1814-1816.
Hartman & Phillips
Winchester, VA  1802-1816  
Daniel Hartman and William Phillips.
Harland to Hartman
Harland to Hartman
Jacob Harley
Philadelphia, PA  1851-1871
Was in the partnership of Stauffer & Harley 1852-1861.
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Henry Harland
Boston, MA c. 1813; Norwich, CT 1815-1834; and
New Orleans, LA c. 1834-1841
In the partnerships of Harland & Bliss with H. Bliss in 1830 and then
Harland & Blair with Daniel Blair 1830-1834.  Also used the mark of
his father, Thomas Harland.