Hayden, Bro. & Co.
Charleston, SC  1852-1855  
A partnership of Augustus H. Hayden, Hezekiah S. Hayden, and
William G. Wilden.
Hayden Mfg. Co.
Newark, NJ 1892-1905
Founded by William W. Hayden.  Succeeded by G.W. Parks Co.  Makers
of sterling holloware, vanity items, and novelties.
Hayden & Whilden
Charleston, SC  1855-1863  
A partnership between Augustus Hayden and W.G. Whilden.  
Successor to Hayden, Bros. & Co.
Hayden, Gregg & Co. / Gregg & Hayden / Gregg, Hayden & Co.
Charleston, SC  
A succession of partnerships involving William Gregg and one
or several Hayden brothers.  The name of the business would
change as one would leave or another partner was added:
Hayden, Gregg & Co. (aka Hayden & Gregg) 1838-1842;
Nathaniel and H. Sidney Hayden and William Gregg.
Gregg & Hayden 1843-1846; William Gregg and H. Sidney Hayden.
Gregg, Hayden & Co.  1846-1852; William Gregg, H. Sidney Hayden, and Augustus H. Hayden.
William W. Hayden Co.
Newark, NJ  1898-1907
1899 Hayden Mfg. Co. Advertisement
Peter Perret Hayes
Poughkeepsie, NY  1816-1842  
Was in the partnerships of Hayes & Adriance 1816-1826 and P.P. Hayes & Son
with his son Edmund M. Hayes 1841-1842.
Hayes & Adriance
Poughkeepsie, NY  1816-1826
Peter Perret Hayes and John Adriance.
Hazen & Collins
Cincinnati, OH  1843-1847  
Nathan Lord Hazen and Peleg Collins.
Hayward & Sweet
North Attleboro, MA  1887-1898
Walter E. Hayward and George L. Sweet.  Successors to Hayward & Briggs.  
Makers of sterling flatware and jewelry.
Edmund M. Hayes
Poughkeepsie, NY 1841-1844; New York, NY 1844-1847;
and San Francisco, CA  c. 1850-1854
In the firm of P.P. Hayes & Son with his father Peter P. Hayes 1841-1842;
Hayes & Robbins with Jeremiah Robbins 1844-1847; Hayes & Bailey with Major Bailey c. 1850-1852; and
Hayes & Lyndall with William E. Lyndall 1852-1853.
Hayden to Hazen
Hayden to Hazen
Hayes & Robbins
New York, NY  1844-1847  
Edmund M. Hayes and Jeremiah Robbins.
Andrew Hays
New York, NY  1769-c. 1790
Hayes & McFarland
Mount Vernon, NY  c. 1900-1911
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Nathaniel Hayden
Charleston, SC 1832-1843 and New York, NY 1843-1855
Was involved in a number of businesses:
Eyland & Hayden with James Eyland 1832-1835.
Hayden & Gregg with William Gregg and H. Sydney Hayden 1838-1842.
Gale & Hayden with William Gale 1846-1850.
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Nathan Lord Hazen
Troy, NY 1829-1831 and Cincinnati, OH 1831-1851  
A partner in the firm of Hazen & Collins 1843-1847.