Hildeburn & Watson
Philadelphia, PA  1830-1833  
Silversmiths & jewelers.  A partnership between Samuel Hildeburn and
James Watson.
Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.
Chicago, IL  1882-1962  
William Hibbard, Franklin Spencer and Adolphus C. Bartlett.  
Successor to Hibbard, Spencer & Co.  A hughe hardware
manufacturing company, they produced silverplated flatware and holloware and a small
amount of sterling wares c. 1884 to about 1930.  The OVB trademark stands for "Our Very Best."
Higbie & Crosby
New York, NY  1825-1829
Aaron H. Higbie and Ransom Crosby.
Samuel Hildeburn
Philadelphia, PA  1810-1849  
In the partnership of Hildeburn & Watson 1829-1833.
Joel F. Hewes
Titusville, PA  1907-1950
Maker of handwrought sterling holloware in the Arts & Crafts style.  The business went to
Jonathan L. Locke upon Hewes' retirement in 1950.
Herbst & Wassall
New York, NY and Newark, NJ  1903-1931  
Makers of sterling and gold novelties and jewelry.
William Brestede Heyer
New York, NY  1807-1822  
In the partnership of Heyer & Gale with Jesse Gale 1807-1808.  Upon Heyer's death
in 1828, his widow took over the business until 1835.
Abraham Hews, Jr.
Boston, MA  1822-1868
In partnership with Augustus H. Hewes of A. Hews Jr. & Co. 1847-1853.
Heydorn & Imlay
Hartford, CT  1809-1811  
C. Heydorn and Richard Imlay.
Hildeburn & Bros.
Philadelphia, PA  1849-1852
Succeeded by Hildeburn & Bro. 1852-1871.
F.A. Hermann Co.
Melrose Highlands, MA  1908-1977
John A. Hersey
Newcastle, New Brunswick, Canada  1823-1830
Hequembourg to Hildeburn
Hequembourg to Hildeburn
A. Hews, Jr. & Co.
Boston, MA  1847-1853
Abraham Hews, Jr. and Augustus H. Hews.
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Charles Hequembourg, Jr.  (b. 1788  d. 1875)
New Haven, CT 1809-1821; Albany, NY 1822-1826; New York, NY
1827-1830; Paterson, NJ 1830-1835; Buffalo, NY 1835-1842; and
St. Louis, MO 1845-1851