William M. Hinton
Shelbyville, KY 1847-1854 and Paris, KY 1854-1908
Was in the partnership of Clark & Hinton 1854-1857.
Freeman Hinckley
Barstable, MA  1777-1808
Adolphe Himmel
New Orleans, LA  1852-1877
A partner in the silverplating business of Küchler & Himmel
1852-1853.  Operated the A. Himmel Silverware Manufactory 1869-1877.
M. Fred Hirsch Co.
Jersey City, NJ  c. 1920-1945  
Makers of sterling holloware.  Succeeded by Fisher Silversmiths.
Elisha F. Hirst
Richmond, IN  1855-1905
Hinsdale & Atkin
Newark, NJ  1835-1837
Horace Seymour Hinsdale and John H. Atkin.
Edward H. Hill
Cincinnati, OH  1839-1873
William F. Hill
Boston, MA c. 1810 and New York, NY 1811-1820
Arundel Hill
Harrisburg, PA 1809-1815; Steubenville, OH 1815-1818 & 1829-1848;
and Pittsburgh, PA c. 1818-1829
Silversmith and clockmaker.
Charles F. Hill
Owego, NY 1852-c. 1880
Silversmith and silver manufacturer.
Hill & Ross
Zanesville, OH  c. 1833-1837
Charles Hill and Alexander C. Ross.
Alvin M. Hill
New Orleans, LA  1870-1909  
Gold pen manufacturer and jeweler; also made sterling souvenir spoons.
Hirsch & Oppenheimer
Chicago, IL  1897-1928  
Primarily a jewelry manufacturer, also made
sterling souvenir spoons.  Succeeded by the
H. Oppenheimer Co. in 1928.
Hipp & Coburn Co.
Chicago, IL  1919-1952
D.B. Hinman & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1833-1836 and 1839-1859  
Daniel B. Hinman.
Charles Hill
Canadaigua, NY  c. 1815-1817
S. Hoard & Co.
Chicago, IL  1852-1855  
Succeeded by Hoard & Avery.
Hoard & Avery
Chicago, IL  1856-1858  
Samuel L. Hoard and Claude Avery.
George Hocknell
Rochester, NY  1833-c. 1840 and
Seneca Falls, NY  c. 1840-1869  
Was in the partnership of Steele & Hocknell with James P. Steele 1834-1835.
Nathan Hobbs
Boston, MA  1816-1865
Hill to Hocknell
Joseph Hill
Portsmouth, NH  1821-1857
Hingeco Vanities
Providence, RI  c. 1936-Early 1950s  
Makers of compacts, vanity items, and jewelry.
1855 S. Hoard & Co. Advertisement
Eliakim Hitchcock
Cheshire, CT c. 1757-1774 and 1788 and New Haven, CT 1776-1787
Samuel F. Hobbs
Lawrence, MA c. 1854-1856 and Selma, AL 1859-1863
and 1865-1883
Silversmith and jeweler.
Succeeded by his brother, Edward H. Hobbs.
Benjamin Hiller
Boston, MA  1708-1745
Hill to Hocknell
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William Hilliard
Fayetteville, NC 1801-1810 and Jonesboro, NC 1814