Kimball & Gould
Haverhill, MA  1857-1870
A partnership between Leverett Kimball and Charles E. Gould.
Kidney & Johnson
New York, NY  1868-1874
Edmund Kidney and Samuel H. Johnson.
Robert Keyworth
Washington, DC  1822-1855
L. Kimball & Co.
Haverhill, MA  c. 1873-c. 1879
Leverett Kimball and James C. Bates.
Kidney, Cann & Johnson
New York, NY  1863-1864
Edmund Kidney, John Cann, and Samuel H. Johnson.
William Kimberly
New York, NY 1790-1797 and
Baltimore, MD 1805-1821
Wm. B. Kerr & Co.
Newark, NJ  1890-1927  
Art Nouveau jewelry, holloware, novelties, and vanity items.  
Purchased by Gorham in 1906.
Thomas Kinne, Jr.  (b. 1808  d. 1860)
Cortland, NY c. 1836, Norwich, CT before 1848; and
Joliet, IL 1848-1860
Walter King  (b. 1792  d. 1855)
Warren, OH  c. 1817-1855  
In the firm of King & Son with son Ashbel King
c. 1850-1855.  Silversmith and watchmaker.
Thomas Kinne, Sr.  (b. 1780  d. 1857)
Norwich, CT  c. 1805
Edward Kinsey
Newport, KY 1834 and Cincinnati, OH 1834-1861
In the partnerships of Scovil & Kinsey with Pulaski Scovil in Cincinnati
c. 1834-1836 and later E. & D. Kinsey in Cincinnati 1844-1861.
David Kinsey
Cincinnati, OH  1840-1871
In the partnership of E. & D. Kinsey with his brother
Edward Kinsey 1844-1861.  
E. & D. Kinsey
Cincinnati, OH  1844-1861  
A partnership between brothers Edward and David Kinsey.
George W. King
New York, NY 1834-1844 and Hartford, CT c. 1844-1881
Silversmith and manufacturing jeweler.
S.C. Keyes
Batavia, NY 1830-1834 and Grand Gulf, MS c. 1840-1860
In the partnerships of Keyes & Fitch with William Fitch 1830-1831 and
Keyes & Stocking with Reuben Stocking in 1831.
John Kimball
Boston, MA  c. 1785
Julius King
Warren, OH  1856-1870  
Silversmith and jeweler.  Was in the partnership of King & Bro. 1856-1864.
Would later go on and become a well known optician, founding the Julius King
Optical Co. in New York, NY.
Ketcham & McDougall
Roseland, NJ  1875-Present  
Successor to Ketcham Bros. & Co., with roots going back to 1832.  Ceased
silver manufacturing in the 1932.  Well known for their thimbles and gold and
silver mounts for canes and various articles.  The company now produces
precision optical and marine equipment.
L. Kimball & Son
Haverhill, MA  c. 1879-1927
Founded by Leverett Kimball and his son Wallace Kimball.  
1899 Ketcham & McDougall Advertisement
Leverett Kimball
Haverhill, MA  1840-1898
In the partnerships of Kimball & Gould with Charles E. Gould
1857-1870, L. Kimball & Co. 1870-1890, and L. Kimball & Son
Keystone Silver Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1914-Present
Kerr to Kinsey
J.W. King
Utica, NY  c. 1830-1840
S. Kind & Son
Philadelphia, PA  1874-c. 1960  
Primarily jewelers, advertised in 1902 and 1903 as jewelers and silversmiths.
1902 S. Kind & Son Advertisement
c. 1880 King & Eisele Trade Card
King & Eisele
Buffalo, NY  1870-1935  
Founded by William King and Edward J. Eisele.  Ring and medal manufacturers.
Kerr to Kinsey
D. Kinsey & Co.
Cincinnati, OH  1874-1878
In the partnership between Louis A. Kinsey (David Kinsey's son) and
John B. Callahan.
James Ketcham (Ketchum)
New York, NY 1806-1854 and Utica, NY 1847-1849
In the partnerships of Ketcham & White in
1809 and Ketcham & Hitchcock 1817-1822.
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Robert Kersey
Easton, MD  c. 1793
Cornelius Kierstede  (b. 1675  d. 1757)
New York, NY 1696-1704 and 1706-1722; Albany, NY 1704-1706; and
New Haven, CT  c. 1724-1754
Lewis Kimball
Boston, MA  1844-1886
Was a partner in the firm of N. Harding & Co. 1851-1863 and
Kimball & Restarrick with Thomas C. Restarrick in 1884.
H. Kingsbury
Halifax, VT  c. 1840-1850