John B. Kirby
New Haven, CT  1834-1880
Was in the partnership of Brown & Kirby with George B. Brown 1834-1857  
and later Kirby & Son with son Samuel H. Kirby 1873-1880.
C. Klank & Sons
Baltimore, MD  1892-1911  
Began as Klank & Brother in 1872.  In 1892 the company name became
Conrad Klank & Sons then changed to C. Klank & Sons Mfg. Co.
1893-1894.  The final name change occurred in 1895 when it became
C. Klank & Sons.  The company was acquired by Heer-Schofield c. 1905, but continued as C. Klank & Sons
until 1911.  Makers of a variety of sterling and silverplated items.
John Kitts
Louisville, KY  1836-1878
Was involved in a number of partnerships:
Scott & Kitts with William D. Scott 1843-1844.
Smith & Kitts with Richard Ewing Smith 1844-1845.
Kitts & Stoy 1851-1852.
John Kitts & Co. 1859-1864.
Kitts & Werne 1864-1878.
Kirk-Stieff Co.
Baltimore, MD  1879-Present
The oldest silversmith company in continuous existence in the U.S.
The present company became Kirk-Stieff Co. when the Stieff Co.
purchased S. Kirk & Son Co. in 1979.  Lenox, Inc. purchased Kirk-Stieff in 1991 and closed the Baltimore
factory in 1999.  Today, production of items under the Kirk-Stieff name is outsourced to other companies.
flatware patterns.
S. Kirk & Son / S. Kirk & Son Co.
Baltimore, MD  1846-1979  
Founded by Samuel L. Kirk when his son Henry Child Kirk
became a partner of his business in 1846.  Two more sons,
Charles D. Kirk and Clarence E. Kirk joined the firm in
1861 and left in 1868; the name of the firm was changed to
S. Kirk & Sons during that time, reverting to S. Kirk & Son
in 1868.  Acquired by The Stieff Co. in 1979 to become the
Kirk-Stieff Co.  Makers of a full line of sterling goods, well
known for their Baltimore style repoussé work.
flatware patterns.
Samuel L. Kirk
Baltimore, MD  1815-1872  
Started in partnership of Kirk & Smith with John
Smith 1815-1820; Samuel L. Kirk branched out on
his own in 1821.  Founded Samuel Kirk & Son
which went on to become the Kirk-Stieff Co.
Kitts & Stoy
Louisville, KY  1851-1852  
John Kitts and David C. Stoy.
Kitts & Werne
Louisville, KY  1864-1878  
John Kitts and Joseph Werne.
Kirk & Smith
Baltimore, MD  1815-1820  
Samuel L. Kirk and John Smith.
S. Kirk & Sons
Baltimore, MD  1861-1868  
See S. Kirk & Son
Klank & Brother
Baltimore, MD  1872-1891  
Conrad, Frederick W., and George H. Klank.  See C. Klank & Sons Co.
John Kitts & Co.
Louisville, KY  1859-1864  
A partnership between John Kitts, S.W. Warringer, and Joseph
Werne, Jr.  Succeeded by Kitts & Werne when Warringer left the firm.
1830 Samuel Kirk Ad
Kip to Klink
Kip to Klink
William Kip
Kinderhook, NY  c. 1825-1871
Peter Kirkwood (Kerkwood)
Chestertown, MD 1790-c. 1795 and Annapolis, MD 1799-1801
John J. Klink
Louisville, KY  1858-1863
Was in the partnership of Vogt & Klink with William Vogt 1858-1860.  
Prior to this partnership, beginning in 1841, Klink worked Henry Fletcher
and then the firm Fletcher & Bennett.
George Kippen
Bridgeport, CT c. 1815-1825 and Albany, NY c. 1830
Was in numerous partnerships:  
With Barzillai Benjamin c. 1815.
Kippen & Wordin with William Wordin 1821-1824.
Kippen & Camp with Elias Camp in 185.
Hoyt & Kippen with George B. Hoyt c. 1830.
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William Kirkham, Jr.
Springfield, MA 1855-1865, Burlington, VT 1865-1866; and Springfield, MA 1866-1871
Was in the partnerships of J. & W. Kirkham 1856-1868 and later E.B. Floyd & Co. with Eugene B. Floyd