Peter L. Krider / Peter L. Krider Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1850-1910
Was in the partnership of Krider & Biddle 1858-c. 1870.  
Krider sold his business to August Weber in 1888, forming
the Peter L. Krider Co. at that time.  The firm remained in
business until 1910.
Krider & Biddle
Philadelphia, PA  1858-c. 1870  
Peter L. Krider and John W. Biddle.
Knowles & Ladd
Providence, RI  1864-1875  
Partnership of Joseph B. Knowles and Samuel J. Ladd.  Successor to Webster, Knowles & Ladd.  The
Knowles & Ladd partnership ended with Ladd's retirement in 1875.  See
flatware patterns.
J.B. & S.M. Knowles
Providence, RI  1875-1905  
Joseph B. and Stephen M. Knowles.  Successors
to Knowles & Ladd.  Purchased by Mauser Mfg.
Co.  Makers of quality sterling flatware, holloware
and novelties.  See
flatware patterns.
Mary Catherine Knight
Boston, MA  Early 1900s  
Maker of handwrought sterling Arts & Crafts holloware.  Member of the
Boston Society of Arts & Crafts.
Koehler & Ritter
San Francisco, CA  1867-1884  
Founded by Gotthard Koehler and Charles A. Ritter,
former employees of F.R. Reichel.  Makers of sterling
flatware and holloware.  See
flatware patterns.
Jacob Kucher
Philadelphia, PA  1802-1833
John Knepfly
New Albany, IN  1845-1876 and Dallas, TX 1876-c. 1880
Was in the partnership of J. Knepfly & Son with Lawrence M. Knepfly
1876-c. 1880.  Knepfly retired c. 1880 and J. Knepfly & Son continued
until 1897 when it was incorporated as the Knepfly Jewelry Co., which
closed in 1900.
Gustaf F. Kolb
New York, NY  c. 1917-1921
Christopf Christian Küchler
New Orleans, LA  1852-c. 1871
Involved with several partnerships:
Küchler & Himmel with Adolphe Himmel 1852-1853.
Terfloth & Küchler wtih Bernard Terflorth 1858-1866.
C. Küchler & Co. with Augustus W. Jansen in 1870.
Küchler & Jansen with Augustus W. Jansen c. 1871.
Sam Kramer
New York, NY  1930s-1964  
Modernist studio jeweler.
Küchler & Himmel
New Orleans, LA  1852-1853  
Christopf Christian Küchler and Adolphe Himmel.
The Frank Kursch & Son Co.
Newark, NJ  1904-1913  
Mark identical to that of
Shoemaker, Pickering & Co.
1899 J.B. & S.M. Knowles Co. Ad
Adolph Kunkler
Boston, MA  c. 1900-1920  
Worked at the Handicraft Shop; member of the Boston Society of Arts & Crafts.  
Maker of sterling flatware and holloware.
Alanson Knapp
Mobile, AL  1826-1873
Was in the partnerships of Dunning and Knapp with Edward Dunning 1826-1837
and later Knapp & Leslie with Franklin Leslie 1848-1852.
Knapp & Leslie
Mobile, AL  1848-1852  
Alanson Knapp, Franklin A. Leslie, and Albert J. Leslie.
Knapp to Kursch
Knapp to Kursch
1884 Peter L. Krider Advertisement
Krementz & Co.
Newark, NJ  1869-Present
Founded by George Krementz and his cousin Julius Lebkuecher.  
Primarily jewelry manufacturers.
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Frank Krementz Co.
Newark, NJ  1910-1950
Manufacturers of eyeglasses, lorgnettes, pocket knives, and jewelry.
(John) Samuel Krause
Bethlehem, PA c. 1796-1802; Lancaster, PA 1803; and
Bethlehem, PA 1805-1815
David T. Knox
Huntsville, AL  1825-1870
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Jesse Knapp
Waldobor, ME c. 1821 and Boston, MA 1825-1859  
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
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