John Myers
Philadelphia, PA  1785-1804
Murdock & Andrews
Utica, NY  1822-1826 and 1838-1849
A partnership between James Murdock and Elon Andrews.
Henry Beekman Myer
Newburg, NY 1818-1835 and Buffalo, NY 1835-1851  
In the partnership of Myer & McClanahan with James McClanahan
1835-1837.  In the firms of H.B. Myer & Co. 1838-1840 and Myer,
Teller & Fernald 1843-1845.  Silversmith and jeweler.
Nathaniel Munroe  (b. 1777  d. 1861)
Concord, MA 1798-1817; Norfolk, VA 1805-1806; and
Baltimore, MD 1817-1837  Clockmaker, silversmith, and optician.
Was involved in a number of partnerships:
Daniel Munroe & Co. with his brothers Daniel and William 1798-c. 1804
Daniel & Nathaniel Munroe with his brother Daniel c. 1804-1807
Munroe & Whiting with Samuel Whiting 1808-1817
Munroe & Haggar with Benjamin K. Haggar in 1817
Munroe & Holman with David Holman 1826-1828
James Musgrave
Philadelphia, PA  1792-1809  
In the partnership of Parry & Musgrave 1792-1796.
Munger & Benedict
Auburn, NY  1818-1820 and 1825-1833
A partnership between Asa Munger and J.H. Benedict 1818-1820.  
A different partnership was formed with Thaddeus Benedict 1825-1833
using the same name.
James Munroe
Barnstable, MA  c. 1810
John Munroe
Barnstable, MA  c. 1810-1879
Gideon Myrick
Cape Cod, MA  c. 1760
Myrick, Roller & Holbrook
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1889-1896  
Primarily makers of souvenir spoons; some flatware.
A. Munger & Son
Auburn, NY  c. 1839-1847  
Asa Munger and son Austin E. Munger.
James Hooper Murdock
Woodstock, VT  1840-1875  
In the firm of J.H. Murdock & Son with son James R. Murdock 1865-1870.
Barton Munsey
Manchester, NH  c. 1844
James Murdock & Co.
Utica, NY  1826-1838  
A partnership between James Murdock,
Elon Andrews and Julius Spencer.
1891 Myrick, Roller & Holbrook Ad
Jacob Mytinger
Stephensburg, VA 1818-c. 1854; Romney, VA (now WV) c. 1840;
Warrenton, VA c. 1854-c. 1880
Comfort Starr Mygatt
Danbury, CT 1783-1807 and Canfield Mahoning, OH 1807-1823
Succeeded his father Eli Mygatt's business with his brother David Mygatt
1804-1807.  Silversmith, clock, and watchmaker.
Munn & Jones
Greenfield, MA  1827-1828  
Elisha Munn, Jr. and Albert Jones.
Munger to Mytinger
Munger to Mytinger
Samuel Musgrove
Cincinnati, OH 1820-1840; Larue County, KY c. 1850; and
Nashville, TN 1851-1860
John Murphy
Norfolk, VA  1784-1837
Asa Munger
Ludlow, MA 1800-1803; Herkimer, NY c. 1814-1816 and
Auburn, NY 1816-1847
Was a partner in the firms of:
Munger & Gillmore in 1818.
Munger & Benedict with J.H. Benedict 1818-1820.
Munger & Benedict with Thaddeus Benedict 1825-1833.
A. Munger & Co. 1833-1834.
A. Munger & Son with Austin E. Munger c. 1839-1847.
Daniel Munroe
Roxbury, MA  1798-1800; Concord, MA 1900-1807; Boston, MA 1807-1838 and
1841-1856; New York, NY 1839-1840
In the partnerships of :
Daniel Munroe & Co. with his brothers Nathaniel and William 1798-c. 1804
Daniel & Nathaniel Munroe with his brother Nathaniel 1800-1807
Munroe & Jones with Ezekiel Jones c. 1813-1814
Myer Myers
New York, NY 1744-1776 and 1783-1795; Norwalk, CT
1776-1780; and Philadelphia, PA 1780-1782  
Was a partner in the firm of Halsted & Myers with
Benjamin Halsted 1756-1766 and 1769-1770.
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John Munro
Charleston, SC 1785-1787 and 1809 and Columbia, SC 1787-1809
Munroe & Jones
Boston, MA  c. 1813-1814
Daniel Munroe and Ezekiel Jones.
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