F. Masi & Co.
Washington, DC  c. 1825-1851
Maschmeyer-Richards Silver Co.
St. Louis, MO  1906-c. 1935  
Seraphim Masi
Washington, DC  1822-1870
Augustus Mathey
New York, NY  1823-1836
Mathews & Prior
New York, NY  1898-c. 1903  
Makers of sterling holloware.
Richard Mathews
Charlottesville, VA  1836-1847
Mather & Pitkin
Buffalo, NY  1844-1850  
Theodore Mather and Joseph F. Pitkin.
Levant L. Mason
Rochester, NY 1845-1850 and Jamestown, NY 1850-1909
1899 Mathews & Prior Ad
Charles A. Masson
Philadelphia, PA  1829-c. 1864
Samuel Mason, Jr.
Philadelphia, PA  1820-1830
Thomas King Marsh
Paris, KY  1831-18657
In the partnership of T.K. & B.B. Marsh with
his brother Benedict Beal Marsh 1844-1857.  
Silversmith and clockmaker.
Peter Martin II
New York, NY  c. 1806-1841
Marshall & Tempest
Philadelphia, PA  1813-1865
Founded by Joseph Marshall and Robert Tempest.
John C. Marshall
Louisville, KY  1836-1855
Thomas Henry Marshall
Albany, NY 1832-1836; Troy, NY 1836-1838; and
Rochester, NY 1838-1852
Martelé   See The Gorham Co.
Reino J. Martin
Manchester, NH  c. 1955-1960
Benedct Beal Marsh
Flemingsburg, KY and Richmond, KY prior to 1844;
Paris, KY 1844-c. 1857  
In the partnership of T.K. & B.B. Marsh with brother
Thomas King Marsh 1844-1857.  Silversmith and clockmaker.
Marsh to Mathey
Marsh to Mathey
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Benjamin Marsh
Albany, NY  1838-1869 and 1880-1896
Co-founded the jewelery firm of Marsh & Hoffman 1880
with Frederick W. Hoffman until 1896.  
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