Joseph B. Mayo
Newark, NJ  1868-1896
Silversmith and silverplater.
Maynard & Taylor
Utica, NY  1852-1858  
Thomas Maynard and William Star Taylor.
Joseph Mayer & Bros. / Mayer Bros.
Seattle, WA  1897-1980
Albert, Marcus and Joseph Mayer.  The brothers split up in
1920, dividing the company between the wholesale division,
which was named Mayer Bros. (which remained in business
until 1991) and the manufacturing division which became
Joseph Mayer & Co.   Joseph Mayer & Co. was acquired by
the E.J. Towle Mfg. Co. in 1938.  Makers of sterling holloware,
souvenir spoons, and a small line of sterling flatware.  See
flatware patterns.
Mauser Manufacturing Co.
New York, NY 1892-1904 and Mt. Vernon, NY 1904-1913
Founded by Frank Mauser as Frank Mauser & Co. in North
Attleboro, MA and moved to Mt. Vernon, NY c. 1890.  Succeeded
by Max Ams in 1892 then the Mauser Mfg. Co. later that year.
Acquired J.B. & S.M. Knowles Co. in 1905.  The Mauser Mfg.
Co. was taken over by the Mount Vernon Co. Silversmiths in 1913.  Some Mauser dies were purchased by the
Wendell Mfg. Co.  Maker of sterling flatware, holloware and vanity items.  See
flatware patterns.
Benjamin Mayo
Newark, NJ  1860-1908  
Worked strictly as a silver and gold elecgtroplater until 1883, and as a
jeweler in later years.  Did some sterling manufacturing 1883-c. 1890.
Frank T. May Co.
New York, NY and Rutherford, NJ  1896-1943  
Makers of sterling vanity items, novelties, and jewelry.
Matson & Hoes
Chicago, IL  1864-1867  
Newell Matson & J.H. Hoes.
Matthews Co.
Newark, NJ  1906-c. 1936  
Merged with Eleder-Hickok to become Hickok-Matthews Co.  
Makers of sterling holloware.
Kurt Matzdorf
New Paltz, NY  1954-2008  
Highly regarded silversmith, best known for his Judaica and
ceremonial work.  Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award
by the Society of North American Goldsmiths in 2006.
Clarendon Maynard
Worcester, MA  1847-1857
Was in the partnership of Forbush & Maynard with R.O. Forbush in 1850.
Silverware manufacturer.
Joseph Mayer Co.
Seattle, WA  1920-1937  
See Joseph Mayer & Bros. above.
Richard Mawdsley
Carterville, IL  1960s-2004
1899 Mauser Mfg. Co. Ad
McCarty & Hurlburt
Philadelphia, PA  1876-1888  
Edward McCarty and Henry O. Hurlburt.  Successor to Butler &
McCarty and succeeded by H.O. Hurlburt & Sons.
John McAllister
Philadelphia, PA  1785-1830
Made silver mounted canes and whips.  Began making spectacles in 1799,
eventually giving up his other lines.  Was in the partnerships of McAllister &
Matthews with James Matthews 1798-1811 and then John McAllister & Son
with son John McAllister, Jr. 1811-1830.  This business ended upon the death of McAllister Sr. in 1830.  
The firm was then succeeded by John McAllister Jr. & Co. and remained in business under various
iterations and McAllisters until 1941.
Thomas McCarty
Wellsburg, VA (now WV) 1822-1870
Silversmith, clockmaker, and jeweler.
Matson to McCarty
Matson to McCarty
Maynard & Potter
Boston, MA  1907-1910
Silversmiths and jewelers.
Newell Matson / N. Matson & Co.
Danville, NY; Paineville, OH; Milwaukee, WI;
Oswego, NY; Chicago, IL  1840-1887   
Was a partner in a number of businesses, including:
Matson, Loomis & Hoes in Milwaukee and Chicago c. 1857-1859.
Matson & Loomis with L.L. Loomis in Milwaukee 1859-1864.
Matson & Hoes with J.H. Hoes in Chicago 1864-1867.  
Formed N. Matson & Co. in Chicago 1867-1887.
Matson himself was not a silversmith, but rather employed a number of silversmiths who made items
marked with the Matson name.  N. Matson & Co. was sold to Henry A. Spaulding in 1888 and the
business went on to become Spaulding & Co.
c. 1885 N. Matson & Co. Trade Card
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