William McDougall, Jr.
Goffstown and Meredith Bridge (now Laconia), NH  c. 1840-1860
George W. McDannold
Mount Sterling, KY 1826; Vicksburg, MS c. 1837; and
Covington, KY 1850-1863
Silversmith and watchmaker.
McChesney Co.
Newark, NJ  1921-1931  
Founded by Samuel D. McChesney, the former president of
Wm. B. Kerr & Co.  Sold to Dominick & Haff shortly after
McChesney's death in 1926 then acquired by Reed & Barton in
1928.  McChesney was then sold to Gorham in 1931.  Makers of
quality sterling flatware, baby items, and novelties.
Henry McKeen
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1823-1865
Wilson McGrew
Cincinnati, OH  1836-1859
Was in the partnership of McGrew & Beggs 1843-1848 and later
Wilson McGrew & Son with his son William Wilson McGrew 1855-1859.
McGrew & Beggs
Cincinnati, OH  1843-1848
Wilson McGrew and William Beggs.
John McFarlane
Salem, MA c. 1790 and
Boston, MA  1796-1813
Thomas McConnell  (b. 1776  d. 1825)
Wilmington, DE 1797-1814 and 1815-1818; Baltimore, MD 1814-1815;
Richmond, VA 1818-1825  
Joined with Hosea Wilson in the firm of H. Wilson & Co. 1814-1815.
Thomas McCowat
Leesburg, VA 1804-1821; Frankfort, KY c. 1823; Nashville, TN c. 1824 and
1853; Jackson, TN 1838-1850  
Silversmith, watchmaker, and jeweler.
Grainger McKoy
Pawleys Island, SC
Having gained renown as a wood sculptor, McKoy began working in
sterling in the mid-1990s.  
John McFee
Philadelphia, PA  1793-1800  
In the partnership of McFee & Reeder 1793-1796.
Daniel McDonald
Halifax, NS 1817-1822 and Philadelphia, PA  1825-1837
John B. McFadden / J.B. McFadden & Co.
Pittsburgh, PA  1821-1860
Was in the partnership of J.B. McFadden & Co.
c. 1840-1854 and J.B. McFadden & Son 1854-1860.
Alexander McGrew
Cincinnati, OH  1805-1836  
In the partnership of McGrew & Jonas with Joseph Jonas 1817-1819.
McFee & Reeder
Philadelphia, PA  1793-1796  
John McFee and Abner Reeder.
McKenney & Weston
Lewiston, ME  c. 1854-1855
John McKee
Chester, SC  c. 1787-1820
J.B. McFadden & Son
Pittsburgh, PA  1854-1860  
John B. McFadden and James B. McFadden.
Joseph McFeely
Martinsburg, VA (now WV) 1808-c. 1826 and
Wheeling, VA (now WV)  c. 1830
Silversmith and dentist.
William McCay (M'Cay)
Richmond, VA 1796-1798 and 1800-1811; Petersburg, VA 1798-1800 and 1811-1818; and
Huntsville, AL 1818-1837
Was in the partnership of Needham & McCay with Joseph Needham that lasted for
only four months in 1800 and later with William Cowan in the partnership of McCay & Cowan 1805-1807.
McCaulley to McKoy
McCaulley to McKoy
William H. McDowell
Philadelphia, PA  1817-1842
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John A. McCaulley
Richmond, KY c. 1865;
Bloomington, IL 1867-1870 and 1872-1878;
and Lexington, KY 1870-1875
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