E. Mead & Co.
St. Louis, MO  1852-1861 and 1870-1877  
Founded by Edward Mead, Edward H. Mead and William H.
Maurice.  Succeeded by the Edward Mead Co. 1877-1880.  
Mead & Adriance
Ithaca, NY 1832-1835 and St. Louis, MO 1835-1842  
Edward Mead and Edwin Adriance.
Melville & Co.
New York, NY and New Orleans, LA  1849-1856   
Brothers David and Henry B. Melville.
Thomas Jefferson Megear
Wilmington, DE 1831-1832 and
Philadelphia, PA 1832-1858
J.F. & B.F. Meek
Frankfort, KY  1839-1848  
Jonathan Fleming Meek and Benjamin F. Meek
Andrew G. Medley
Louisville, KY 1843-1848; San Francisco, CA 1850-1857; and
Petaluma, CA  1860-1876  
Mechanics Sterling Co.
Attleboro, MA
Began in 1896 as the flatware branch of
Watson & Newell Co.  Makers of sterling flatware
and souvenir spoons.
Anthony Henry Menkens
St. Louis, MO  c. 1840-1866  
Was a partner in the firms of Menkens & Recordon with Charles
Recordon 1841-1851 and later A.H. Menkens & Brother with
Diedrich Menkens 1851-1860.
Almon Ainsworth Mead
Montpelier, VT  1846-1887  
Was in the partnerships of Witherell & Mead with Elijah B. Witherell 1846-1849
and Phinney & Mead with Truman Phinney 1849-1857.
C. Meadows & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1854-1870
Edward Mead
Ithaca, NY c. 1831-1835 and St. Louis, MO 1835-1881
In a number of partnerships:
DeRiemer & Mead with Cornelius B. DeRiemer 1830-1831.
Mead, Adriance & Co. with Edwin Adriance and Cornelius B. DeRiemer 1831-1832.
Mead & Adriance with Edwin Adriance 1832-1842.
E. Mead & Co. with son Edward H. Mead and William H. Maurice 1852-1881.
Mead, Adriance & Co.
Ithaca, NY  1831-1832  
A partnership between Edward Mead, Edwin Adriance, and
Cornelius de Riemer.  Succeeded by Mead & Adriance.
St. Louis, MO  c. 1864-1866
Henry A. Menkens and his sons Herman and Henry W. Menkens.
Mealy Manufacturing Co.
Baltimore, MD  1913-1922  
Formed as an offshoot of John W. Mealy, Sons & Co.  Also began
producing toys c. 1920.  Went into receivership and closed in 1922.
George Mecum
Boston, MA  1825-1846
John McMullin
Philadelphia, PA  1790-1841  
In the firm of McMullin & Black with James Black
1811-1813 and Seal & McMullin with William Seal, Jr.
c. 1814-1815.
William McParlin
Annapolis, MD  1803-1850
McLure (McClure) & Valenti
Bowling Green, KY  c. 1867-1870
James McClure and Philip Valenti.
James Meredith
Winchester, VA  c. 1812-1860
Involved in a number of partnerships:
Hartman & Meredith with Daniel Hartman c. 1816-1820
Meredith & Campbell with Thomas B. Campbell 1823-1824
Meredith & Johnston with Samuel Johnston 1826-1827
J. Meredith & Son with son Charles B. Meredith 1855-1860
McLure to Meredith
McLure to Meredith
Benjamin F. Meek
Frankfort, KY  1834-1882 and Louisville, KY 1882-1898
Was a partner in the firms of J.F. & B.F. Meek 1839-1848, J.F. Meek & Co.
1848-1852, and Meek & Milam with Benjamin C. Milam 1852-1855.  Was
also involved with making fishing reels until about 1858, although Benjamin C.
Milam continued to mark his reels with the Meek & Milam name until 1880.
Benjamin Mead
Wiscasset, ME 1804; Castine, ME 1805-1810; Cumberland, RI 1814; and
Smithfield, RI  1814
Louis Zur Megede
St. Louis, MO 1847-1849; Lexington, MO 1849-1877; and
Richmond, MO 1858-1897
While operating his shop in Lexington, Megede opened up
a branch store in Richmond in 1858, moving there in 1877.
He also maintained a branch store in Lawrence, KS.
Theodore W. McMurphey
Cincinnati, OH  c. 1840
Meredith & Campbell
Winchester, VA  1923-1824
James Meredith and Thomas B. Campbell.
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John W. Mealy, Son & Co. / John W. Mealy, Sons & Co., Inc.
Baltimore, MD  1899-1931  
Began in 1899 as John W. Mealy, Son & Co. and incorporated c. 1906 as
John W. Mealy, Sons & Co., Inc.  Went into receivership in 1931.