The Merrill Shops / The Merrill Co.
New York, NY and Newark, NJ  1893-1931
Makers of handwrought sterling holloware and novelties.
The Meriden Britannia Co.
Meriden, CT  1852-1898
First organlized as Britannia ware manufacturers, silverplate
production began c. 1855.  Their sterling holloware line began
in 1896 when they acquired Wilcox & Eversten; sterling
flatware production began in 1897.  Purchased Rogers Bros.
Mfg. Co. in 1862, acquiring the 1847 Rogers Bros. trademark
at that time.  Meriden Britannia Co. was one of the original
companies that joined together in 1898 to became International
Silver.  The M.B.Co. mark continued to be used into the 1930s.  
flatware patterns.
Metallurgic Art Co.
Baltimore, MD  1896-1900
Mesick Mfg. Co.
Los Angeles, CA  c. 1950  
Makers of sterling holloware.
James Edward Merriman
New York, NY 1837-1840 and Memphis, TN 1841-1865  
Was in the partnerships of Merriman & Clark with
Frederick H. Clark 1841-1847 and J.E. Merriman & Co. with
Charles G. Merriman 1847-1865.
Marcus Merriman & Co.
New Haven, CT  1802-1817
A partnership between Marcus Merriman, Zebul Bradley, and
Bethuel Tuttle (who died in 1813).
Merriman & Bradley
New Haven, CT  1817-1826
A partnership between Marcus Merriman and Zebul Bradley,
with Charles O'Neill joining the firm in 1823.
Jonathan Ambrose Merrill
Portland, ME  1850-1909
Marcus Merriman  (b. 1762  d. 1850)
New Haven, CT  1787-1826  
In the partnerships of Merriman & Tuttle with Bethuel Tuttle in 1802,
Marcus Merriman & Co. 1802-1817, and Merriman & Bradley 1817-1826.
Samuel Merriman
New Haven, CT  1794-1803
Storrs Messinger
Esperance, NY  c. 1820-1885  
Partnered with Avery Brazee in the firm of Messinger & Brazee c. 1870-1873.
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, NY  
Mark used on sterling giftware, reproductions, and miniatures sold at the museum.
The Metcalf Co.
New York, NY  1904-c. 1920
Founded by James A. Metcalf.  Succeeded by A.W. Mather & Co.
Reuben Merriman
Cheshire, CT c. 1810 and Litchfield, CT 1827-1865
Meriden Cutlery Co.
South Meriden, CT  1855-c. 1910  
A cutlery manufacturer that specialized in mother of pearl
handled knives.  The company was acquired by Landers,
Frary & Clark in 1866, and they continued to produce under
the Meriden name until the early 1900s.
Meriden to Metropolitan
Meriden to Metropolitan
Mermod, Jaccard & Co. / Mermod, Jaccard & King Jewelry Co.
St. Louis, MO  1864-1980s  
Founded by D.C. Jaccard and A.S. Mermod as D.C. Jaccard & Co.,
becoming Mermod, Jaccard & Co. in 1873.  Goodman King joined
the firm in 1865 and the name was changed to Mermod, Jaccard &
King Jewelry Co. in 1905.  Primarily retailers and jewelers, also
made some sterling and silverplate flatware, holloware and souvenir
spoons, but was outsourcing all of its silver manufacturing by 1890.  
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