D.B. Miller
Boston, MA  c. 1840-1855
Middletown Silver Co.
Middletown, CT  c. 1900-1940  
Makers of sterling and silverplate holloware.  Their sterling mark
is on the left, one of their silverplate marks on the right.
Samuel Minott
Boston, MA  c. 1753-1803  
In the partnership of Minott & Austin with Josiah Austin 1765-1769.
Mills & Forristall
Boston, MA  1846-1861  
Elisha S. Mills and Philander J. Forristall.
Matthew Miller
Charleston, SC  c. 1805-1840  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Edward F. Miller
Providence, RI  1824-1849
Silversmith and watchmaker.
Thomas Milne
New York, NY  1793-1815
Pardon Miller
Providence, RI  1822-1852
Frank Miraglia
New York, NY  1950s  
Modernist studio jeweler.
A.H. & J.W. Miller
Newark, NJ  1852-1860
Brothers Abner Halsey Miller and James Wesley Miller.
1868 A.H. Miller Ad
Burton Miller
Providence, RI  1841-1845
John Paul Miller
Cleveland and Brecksville, OH  1937-Present  
Highly regarded silversmith and jeweler affiliated with the Cleveland Institute of Art.  
Produced holloware in the mid-1950s.
George F. Mills
New York, NY  1834-1848
Lawrence Miller & Co.
Alexandria, VA  c. 1995-Present
Ludwig Meyer
St. Charles, MO  1835-1874
William B. Meyers Co.
Newark, NJ  1907-c. 1958  
Makers of antique reproductions, ceremonial religious
vessels and, beginning in 1932, silver miniatures.
Jo Michels
New York, NY  1940s-1950s  
Studio jeweler.
John Matthew Micksch
Bethlehem, PA  c. 1828-1841
Meyer to Miraglia
Meyer to Miraglia
William Miller
Philadelphia, PA  1810-1840
In the partnership of Ward & Miller 1821-1824 and
Wm. Miller & Son 1833-1835.
Walter Meyer
West Orange, NJ  1940s-1950s
Richard P. Micks
Platteville, WI c. 1855-1856; Mansfield, OH c. 1858-1860;
and Niles, MI c. 1867-1882
Was in the partnership of LaPierre & Micks with Edward M.
La Pierre c. 1880-1882.
Edmund Milne
Philadelphia, PA  1757-c. 1785
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Abner Halsey Miller
Newark, NJ 1852-1860 and Chicago, IL 1856-1883  
Was in the partnership of A.H. & J.H. Miller in Newark
1854-1888 and opened a branch location in Chicago in
1856 under the name of A.H. Miller & Bros.  
Frederick A. Miller
Brecksville, OH  1940-1976  
Began working in 1940 almost exclusively making holloware.  Started working
occasionally for Potter and Mellen in 1946, he and fellow silversmith Jack Schlundt
bought the company in 1967 and continued to work until his retirement in 1976.