Robert Monteith
Baltimore, MD  1814-1849  
In the partnership of I. & R. Monteith with
John Monteith 1814-1848.
J. & W. Moir
New York, NY  1844-187
John and William Moir.
James Mix, Jr.
Albany, NY  1846-1906
William Mitchell, Jr.  (b. 1795  d. 1852)
Richmond, VA  1818-1845
Silversmith and jeweler.  
Was in the partnership of Taft & Mitchell with Elisha Taft 1818-1820.
Mitchell & Tyler
Richmond, VA  1845-1866  
Partnership of Samuel Phillips Mitchell and John Henry Taylor
which ended due to Mitchell's failing health.
James Monk
Charleston, SC  c. 1797-1808  
In the partnership of Atmar & Monk with Ralph Atmar 1797-1799 and later
Monk & Meurset with John Meurset 1804-1807.
John I. Monell
New York, NY  1820-1831
Was in the partnership of Monell & Williams with
Charles M. Williams 1826-1827.
James J. Monroe
St. Louis, MO  1848-1900  
Was a partner in the firm of Monroe & Defriez
with William Defriez c. 1849-1859.
Preston Monongye
Gallup, NM  Early 1960s-1991  
Highly acclaimed Hopi artist and silversmith.
John L. Moffat (Moffatt)
New York, NY  1811-1835
Was in the firm of Wilmarth, Moffat & Curtis c. 1830-1834.
Charles T. Mixer
Saco ME  1826-1835  
Mixer was a member of the firm of Putnam & Mixer c. 1825.
Mitchell & Pear
Boston, MA  1860-1862  
Henry A. Mitchell and William B. Pear.
Monsen Bros.
Oakland, CA  1910s
Peter Mood, Sr.  (b. 1766  d. 1821)
Charleston, SC  1785-1821  
Was in the partnership of Peter Mood & Son in 1814-1819.
John Mood
Charleston, SC  1813-1864  
Was in the partnership of J. & P. Mood with his
brother Peter Mood, Jr. c. 1834-1841.
J. & P. Mood
Charleston, SC  c. 1834-1841
John Mooar
Manchester, NH  1850-1901
Silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker.
Mitchell to Mooers
Mitchell to Mooers
Phineas Mitchell
Boston, MA  1809-1832
Was in the partnership of Mitchell & Whitney 1813-1821.
James Mix
Albany, NY  1827-1855
Edmund Mooers (Moores)
Bath, ME  1822-1829
Also had branch stores in Thomaston and Belfast, ME.
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